College Preparatory Coursework

Freshman applicants must complete college preparatory coursework in high school to be considered for admission.
High school credits required for admission
Subject Credit Requirements
English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits (Algebra I and higher)
Social studies 3 credits
Foreign language 2 credits (single language)
Science 3 credits of laboratory science—1 credit in Algebra-based chemistry or physics
Art or elective from one area above 1 credit

You can show on your application that you’re in the process of completing these courses, but they must be completed before enrolling at Evergreen.

Acceptable College-Preparatory Coursework

English: Four credits of English study are required, at least three of which must be in composition and literature. One of the four credits may be satisfied by courses in public speaking, drama as literature, debate, journalistic writing, business English or English as a Second Language (ESL). Courses that are not generally acceptable include those identified as remedial or applied (for example, developmental reading, remedial English, basic English skills, yearbook/annual/newspaper staff, acting, library).

Mathematics: Three credits of mathematics, at the level of algebra, geometry and advanced(second-year) algebra, are required. Advanced mathematics courses, such as trigonometry,mathematical analysis, elementary functions and calculus, are recommended. Arithmetic, pre-algebra and business mathematics courses will not meet the requirement. An algebra course taken in eighth grade may satisfy one year of the requirement if second-year algebra is completed in high school.

Social Science: Three credits of study are required in history or in any of the social sciences—for example, anthropology, contemporary world problems, economics, geography, government, political science, psychology, sociology. Credit for student government, leadership, community service or other applied or activity courses will not satisfy this requirement.

Foreign Language: Two credits of study in a single foreign language, including Native American language or American Sign Language are required. A course in foreign language, Native American language or American Sign Language taken in the eighth grade may satisfy one year of the requirement if the second year of study is completed in high school. The foreign language requirement will be considered satisfied for students from non-English-speaking countries who entered the US educational system at the eighth grade or later.

Science: Two credits of laboratory science are required. One of the two credits must be in an algebra-based laboratory science, such as chemistry or physics. Biology and principles of technology are examples of other laboratory sciences. Two years of agricultural science is equivalent to one credit of science. Students planning to major in science or science-related fields should complete at least three credits of science, including at least two credits of algebra-based laboratory sciences.

Fine, visual and performing arts or academic electives chosen from the areas above: One additional year of study is required from any of the areas above or in the fine, visual or performing arts. These include study in art appreciation, band, ceramics, choir, dance, dramatic performance, production, drawing, fiber arts, graphic arts, metal design, music appreciation, music theory, orchestra, painting, photography, pottery, printmaking and sculpture.

Home School Applicants

Applications from home school students are reviewed on an individual basis. Your home school education documents are required. If you attended high school or college, your official transcripts are also required. Letters of recommendation from educators or professors familiar with your academic preparation are welcome. These letters should be limited to one page from each recommender.