Net Price Calculator

Start planning on how to pay for your college education at Evergreen.

The Net Price Calculator provides an estimate of what a new undergraduate student may expect to pay to attend Evergreen.

Some facts about estimated costs:

  • The cost of attendance and financial aid calculations are an estimate based on costs for the 2022/2023 academic year, which begins with Fall Quarter.
  • Tuition is set each spring for the upcoming year by the Board of Trustees within guidelines established by the Washington State Legislature.
  • We do our best to anticipate and estimate what tuition might be, but up until a final vote by the Board of Trustees, typically in May or June of each year, all figures are estimated and subject to change.
  • This calculator is not intended for use by graduate, returning Greeners, continuing, international non-resident visa holders or part-time students. If you are in one of these groups,  contact your admissions counselor for more information.
  • Students intending to enroll in the Tacoma Program or Native Pathways Program can use the calculator. Costs are slightly different for these programs, but the differences are not significant enough to cause differences in financial aid estimates.
  • Students planning to use Veteran’s Educational Benefits to help pay for their Evergreen education should take note of the question asking for this information. Please enter your best estimate of the benefits you’ll have during your first year of attendance.

Using the Calculator

Be sure to include as much information as possible and to be as accurate as possible. This will help you get your best financial aid estimate.

You can use the calculator multiple times and update your information each time. If this is your plan, create an account to save time in the future.

To complete the Net Price Calculator, you will need:

  • Your expected high school or transfer GPA
  • Your most recent tax and/or wage-earning information (if applicable)*
  • Your parent’s most recent tax and/or wage-earning information (if applicable)*
  • You and your parent’s asset information (if applicable)

*If you do not have access to wage or tax information, you can use your best estimate.

You will have the option to sign-in or use the calculator as a guest. When you signiin, your information will be saved so you can access it again to update your net price estimation if your circumstances change.

This sign-in is unique to the Net Price Calculator and not connected to the log-in for your application for admission or My Evergreen account.