Language Studies Center

Improve communication, connect with community

The Language Studies Center is devoted to fostering community among language learners through collaborative study, tutoring opportunities and special workshops and events. 

a group of people in a language workshop, someone is at the front of the classroom in front of a blackboard
Learn a Language

Get tutoring or come learn in community with others 

a group of students talking
Create Community

Meet other language learners and heritage speakers

a group of students on the 2018 native decolonization study abroad trip
Explore the World

Prepare for a Study Abroad experience or vacation. Learn about your host country and their language. 

Language Tutoring

Our Language Tutors are students passionate about language and culture. Join us at the Language Studies Center for drop-in peer tutoring to get help with your coursework, practice speaking, and enhance your language comprehension. 

Become a Language Tutor

Work with language learners one-on-one and in small groups on coursework, language practice, and language comprehension. Engage with others over shared interests and promote the value of learning another language. Priority will be given to languages currently taught at Evergreen, but other languages will be considered. Speak to our staff with any questions. 

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Language Studies Center



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