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We are a collective of faculty, students and staff with a shared interest and commitment to climate action.
Our team works with a broad coalition of researchers, non-profit organizations, local government, state government agencies, Tribal governments and philanthropic foundations to advance just and effective solutions to the climate crisis.

Dr. Anthony Levenda

Center for Climate Action and Sustainability

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Dr. Anthony Levenda is a faculty member at Evergreen offering programs on climate policy and action, energy transitions, and urban sustainability. His research has focused on energy infrastructure planning, renewable energy transitions, smart grid development, urban climate adaptation and decarbonization policy, and climate equity and justice in the US and Canada. Anthony received his PhD from the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University.

Faculty Profile - Dr. Anthony Levenda

Michael Joseph

Assistant Director
Center for Climate Action and Sustainability

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Joining Evergreen in 2013 as an Undergraduate, Michael (he/they) has led and been part of numerous impactful projects, including the development of a $175,000 Solar PV array on the Tacoma campus, a project funded through Clean Energy Committee (CEC) and a matching Department of Commerce grant. With a background rich in project management and educational development, he focuses on transforming the CCAS into a collaborative hub that bridges various campus groups for enhanced sustainability efforts.

Michael’s expertise extends to facilitating complex projects and fostering professional development among students. He is particularly proud of his role in establishing with students the Sankofa Hydroponics Lab and community garden at the Tacoma campus, as well as the resurgence of a 2016 project to add a $256,000 Solar PV array onto the Olympia Campus Thunderdome, exemplifying his commitment to practical and long-term sustainability education.

Currently an MPA Grad student, and driven by the complexities of climate action, Michael is dedicated to creating equitable and accessible sustainable futures for all at Evergreen. Feel free to contact him for guidance or collaboration on sustainability projects or initiatives.


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