A laboratory for collaborative climate research, education and action 

Our Mission

The Center for Climate Action and Sustainability furthers Evergreen’s mission by supporting students and the broader community in developing justice-oriented, science-based and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

The Center contributes to understanding climate change causes and consequences along with building resilience in ecological, cultural and energy systems. We work across disciplines to emphasize collaborative, creative and interdisciplinary teaching and learning in partnership with community organizations and local, state and tribal governments, that address transformative change to envision a future that is just and sustainable.

Climate and sustainability affect every community and so many areas of the human experience. We offer a dynamic, flexible and holistic approach to our work with students and the community through:

  • Interdisciplinary science education for undergraduate and graduate research
  • Bridging theory with practice by leveraging scientific knowledge and experience 
  • Communicating scientific findings to the public
  • Understanding the political, social and economic impacts of climate change
  • Impacting policy, expanding public perceptions and adapting behaviors
  • Mitigating impacts for frontline communities
  • Strengthening partnerships for field-based learning and internships
  • Delivering certificate programs to provide practical professional skills relevant to climate and sustainability
  • Fostering creative solutions to the climate crisis