QuaSR Center Employment

Work at QuaSR!

The QuaSR center is always looking for students who are interested in being peer tutors in a supportive work environment.

We are looking for a Physics tutor!  If you have taken college physics please reach out to the Center staff and apply!

Apply About QuaSR

Why Work at QuaSR?

  • Experience for your future career or study, the skills gained by tutoring are easily applied to graduate work and every career track
  • Confidence in your skill as a STEM student
  • Opportunity to explore your interests
  • Work with folks across significant differences

What Does a Tutor Do?

  • Support independent exploration of program content
  • Work through application of complex material with learners
  • Model problems for learners
  • Work with faculty to support students in program workshops
  • Demonstrate how to structure learning in science and math

No Experience Needed!

  • Tutors take a 2-credit Tutoring Math and Science course offered every Spring quarter. The class focuses on research based techniques to support equitable outcomes in math and science.
  • Tutors participate in training before the start of the academic year
  • Tutors receive on-going training with Center Staff to help you grow and refine your practice.