Emergency Procedures

Study Abroad Participants Outside the U.S.

Assist students, parents, faculty and staff in managing emergencies outside the U.S.

International Students in the U.S.

Assist international students, their families and Evergreen staff in managing emergencies in the U.S.

Evergreen Health & Safety Procedures

Assist all students, faculty, staff and visitors with procedures during campus emergencies.

Study Abroad / Participants Outside the U.S.


The Evergreen State College (Evergreen) operates or cooperates with over 200 study programs and exchanges around the world.

Evergreen supports over 150 students annually who undertake Independent Learning and Internship Contracts overseas. Health, safety and security issues are a top priority for our students studying abroad. To aid anyone needing assistance, Evergreen is making these general Emergency Management Procedures available here.

Emergency Information Topics

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For Students

Emergency Contacts for Student

In the event of an emergency, the student's first points of contact abroad are:

Prior to their departures, all study abroad participants are required to attend an orientation during which this chain of communication is explained, consular information is provided, and health, safety and security issues are addressed. Depending on the study program, contact details for the Program Director or International Office are provided by Evergreen, host university or program service provider. In an emergency situation, the Program Director, host university or program service provider will contact International Programs and Exchanges Office (IPE) as soon as it is possible to do so.

If the student cannot make contact with in-country support or if additional assistance is required, s/he should contact Evergreen directly using the protocol described in the section: "Emergency Contacts for Parents and Program Directors."

Emergency Contacts for Parents and Program Directors

The Evergreen Police Services Office is the primary US-based contact for all emergencies involving Evergreen students, faculty and staff participating in or working in support of programs and exchanges abroad. If an emergency situation occurs abroad, Police Services should be contacted as soon as possible at 360-867-6140. In response, Evergreen Police Services will contact appropriate Crisis Management Team Members to assist you.

The Evergreen Police Services Office receives calls 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

Crisis Management Team

Evergreen maintains a Crisis Management Team to address critical issues involving Evergreen students, faculty and staff abroad. In the event of an emergency, some or all of these units will be mobilized to assess and respond to the emergency.

Decisions regarding student health, safety, security and response are made in consultation with:

 Local Contingency Plans

Each Evergreen faculty-led and operated program has a contingency plan which will be activated in case there is a known local condition that requires (a) extra caution, (b) removal of the program to a different site in the same city, same country or a nearby country, or (c) suspension of a program and evacuation of participants. Institutional exchanges and study abroad programs that exist outside the operational control of Evergreen maintain their own emergency protocols. Interested parties should contact these institutions or program providers directly for details. Click here for a listing of Evergreen's Program Service Provider Partnerships

In the Event of a Local Emergency

Criteria for Suspending or Canceling a Program:

Serious Illness or Injury

Death of a Student or Program Staff

Emotional or Psychological Problems

Victim of a Crime

Accused of a Crime

Financial Emergencies

To wire money to a student short of funds, contact your nearest Western Union Office. http://www.westernunion.com/info/selectCountry.asp

To report lost or stolen credit cards, contact:

Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy for additional resources and advice concerning financial emergencies.