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Electronic Media's Mission

Electronic Media (EM), under the umbrella of Media Services, provides technical media instruction and access to media production, support services, and resources.

We manage and provide on-campus support for audio, video, and film including: Animation, Audio Studios, Film Editing, Music Tech Labs, Video Editing and MultiMedia Lab computer facilities. We provide audio, video, and media production services as well as instruction to the students, faculty, and staff of Evergreen, to a variety of campus activities and events, and for Washington state agencies. EM also supports A/V-equipped spaces across campus.

EM's focus is primarily three-fold:

    • -Support of academics, provide instruction in film, video, audio, multimedia, and computer-based media production
    • -Provide support for audio/video/media productions and post production for campus and external clients
    • -Administer operation, maintenance, and development of campus media resources and facilities

Electronic Media is closed during break weeks. Call 867-6270 or one of our staff for help.

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