Tutoring Schedule: Virtual Writing Center

You will make and join your appointment online through our online scheduler and videoconference host website, WCOnline. It is our virtual writing center.

What you can do from the virtual Writing Center page

  • Log in to see available appointment slots in a calendar view

  • Click on an available slot to

    • See tutor bios

    • Sign up for an appointment

  • When you click on an appointment you've already made, you can:

    • Schedule or cancel appointments

    • Join your video conference 

  • When your session begins, coordinate with your tutor about your preferences for the session, for example:

    • Video: on or off?

    • Chatting out loud or chatting using the instant messaging function?

    • Transfer over to Zoom and using Google Docs or just stay within WCOnline?

  • Anywhere on WCOnline you can toggle from the "text-only" version for mobile or use the web-based version. The link is in the upper-left corner. 

First time making an appointment? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to evergreen.mywconline.com or click the "Join your session or make an appointment" button below

  2. Click on the "Register for an Account" link 

  3. Activate your account through your email

  4. Back on evergreen.mywconline.com, look for a tutor and time that work for you.

  5. Fill out the appointment form, click save, and look for the confirmation to appear that your appointment was saved!

  6. At your appointment time, sign in to evergreen.mywconline.com again, click on your appointment, and click "Start or Join Session." Enable video and audio permissions. Have a great session!

If you like exact, step-by-step instructions with photos, see below.

Note: Written instructions don't work for everyone. Send an email to us at writingcenterstaff@evergreen.edu if you need help over the phone or over Zoom. 

Step-by-step instructions with photos

Step 1: Register for WCOnline

  • Go to evergreen.mywconline.com

  • Sign up for an account using an email address that you regularly check. (This is where reminders and updates will be sent.)

  • Write down your 10-character password in a safe place.

  • WCOnline will send you an email to activate your the email address that you signed up with, so open that email account and find the email from WCOnline. You can search for "WCOnline" or "activate." You may have to check your junk folder. 

  • Click on the link in the email. 

  • That link will take you to the sign-in page on WCOnline again.

Image of WCOnline scheduling portal


Step 2: Schedule an appointment

  • Log-in evergreen.mywconline.com using the email address and password that you signed up with. Click radial button next to the schedule you want to view. (Remember, you will have to activate your account via email before you can log in!)

  • Click on any available appointment time (white boxes on our calendar). 

schedule writer view
  • Fill out the appointment form and note when your appointment is in your calendar.

appointment form writer view
  • You should schedule a 1-hour appointment for most projects and a 30-minute appointment for very short projects or quick questions. Actual session lengths are 50 minutes and 25 minutes—we reserve 5-10 minutes as a break at the end of each session.

Step 3: Join your appointment

  • Log-in to evergreen.mywconline.com about 5 minutes before your session starts. Your tutor will join you at the session time. Get any notes or documents you have ready for the session by pulling them up on your computer or device.

  • To join your session, click “Start or Join Consultation.” 

existing appointment writer view
  • A video conference will automatically start. Make sure you can share your camera and microphone. See: Troubleshooting for camera and audio

  • You can also chat via a text chat on the right-hand side. Once your tutor logs on, you and your tutor can discuss how to share work (Google Docs, WCOnline, Zoom, etc.)

session space

If you would like to know more about what to expect from our sessions, find out about preparing for appointments.