Faculty Evaluations

Writing Evaluations of your Faculty

Overview (for Undergraduates)

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Faculty Evaluations

Faculty Evaluations

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The purpose of the faculty evaluation is to let your faculty know the effectiveness of the class in teaching the intended material and their effectiveness in facilitating your learning. It is an opportunity to let them know what worked well, and what can be improved upon. You may feel uneasy about evaluating your faculty, especially if you have something critical to say. But it's important for faculty to know how they're doing and where they can improve. Faculty members are required to keep students' evaluations of them in their professional portfolio, which is assessed periodically. 

Don't forget to make an appointment with a tutor in the Writing Center to get support throughout this process!

General Tips

  • Faculty evaluations do not have a length requirement or restriction, but for a 16-credit program 1/2 - 1 page (single-spaced) is a reasonable length.
  • Students must upload faculty evaluations through My Evergreen.

What to Mention

The faculty evaluation should include how your faculty's teaching impacted you, especially during your time in class. You may wish to evaluate your faculty’s ability to:

  • Come up with a coherent, appropriate reading list that is challenging without being unreasonably difficult
  • Lecture informatively, guiding your learning and complementing the texts
  • Lead a constructive seminar discussion that encourages all to participate equally
  • Make assignments and expectations clear and reasonable
  • Evaluate your work fairly and substantially
  • Receive constructive criticism
  • Work with other faculty (if they were part of a teaching team)
  • Teach their discipline knowledgeably
  • Contribute to the academic planning of the program
  • Contribute to the academic advising of students
  • Adhere to the program's covenant and syllabi

Exceptional Cases

You may mention if the faculty member was remarkable in some way, either good or bad. It helps create a fuller picture of the faculty member. Consider these questions:

  • Did they show a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for a subject?
  • Did they go the extra mile to provide support for students?
  • Did they organize exceptional events, like field trips or hosting guest speakers?

You may also mention any remarkably negative things that happened:

  • If the faculty somehow made you feel incapable, burdensome, or otherwise impacted you in a negative way
  • If the faculty played favorites among the students
  • If the faculty let their personal lives interfere with the class in an inappropriate way

Withholding Your Evaluation of Faculty Until After your Credit Posts

  • If you are concerned that what you write might affect how your faculty write their evaluation of you, you can choose to withhold the evaluation viewing by faculty until after the faculty member has awarded you credit and submitted their final narrative evaluation of you.
  • To do this, select the "Do not show to faculty until credit is posted" option when you submit your evaluation of faculty.