Writing an Academic Statement

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Writing Your Final Academic Statement and Annual Academic Statement Revisions

There are many effective ways to write an Academic Statement and many effective ways to get there. Ultimately, the best way to write your Academic Statement is the way that works for you.

You will work on your Academic Statement at least once each year as you prepare to submit your annual revision. When you are ready to graduate, you will finalize your Academic Statement for your transcript. Your approach and priorities will be different depending on whether you're working on a revision or your final version.


View our handout on the Academic Statement [PDF].

Don't forget to make an appointment with a tutor in the Writing Center to get support throughout this process!

Inspirational and Informative Resources

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Consider Evergreen's aims as an institution for its students

You might want to think about your education in relation to Evergreen's Five Foci and Six Expectation of an Evergreen Graduate.

We are working on developing resources to support students in writing their Academic Statement. Please check back.