Academic Statement Support from the Writing Center For Faculty


Writing Center Intro

  • A tutor or admin can do an in-class visit pitching using the Writing Center or these other resources.

Support Your Workshop

  • If you have a workshop you're putting on, a tutor or admin can add in any helpful information or perspective when prompted. We are not offering to lead your workshop. Tutors will respond to specific questions you ask them. The intention is for them to enhance your instruction with their perspective. 

Peer-Review Workshops

  • We can conduct our peer review prep workshop in your class. The peer-review prep workshop helps students think beyond surface errors and writing rules and center the goals of the writer and the needs of the audience.

Peer-Review Facilitators

  • We can send tutors to rotate through your peer review groups to act as model peer reviewers and help facilitate.

We are not offering in-class workshops about how to write an Academic Statement.

We are are not offering in-class Academic Statement workshops at this time. We are finding it important to draw a line between the offerings that faculty provide and the deans' programming provides and what we offer. Much of the knowledge we hold on writing Academic Statements can be found in our Guide to Writing Your Academic Statement and accessed by students through one-on-one peer tutoring sessions.


The Guidebook

Cover of A Guide to Writing Your Academic Statements

One-on-one Tutoring Sessions

  • Students can make their own appointments online. If they need support with scheduling, send me a note and I’m happy to help:

Further Support Options


  • If you'd like to meet to discuss your workshop plans, chat with the Writing Center admin. We can lead you through the resources we have created or just respond to the ideas you have for AS support for your students.

Support Request

You can always send an email to start a conversation about the type of support you need. Or, you can use the support form below to make the process fast and simple.