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Because your writing matters

The staff of the Writing Center includes a dynamic group of undergraduate peer tutors dedicated to the process of writing, the growth of individual writers, and genuine conversation. We promote writing as a form of communication, not as a solo act. As writers ourselves, we embrace a world in need of voice and discourse. As readers, we acknowledge the need for active listening and empathy. The tutors of the Writing Center are excited to work with writers at any stage of their writing process (brainstorming, drafting, revision, editing) and with writers of every skill level. Proofreading, the final stage of the writing process, is vitally important to a writer’s finished work. The Writing Center believes that proofreading is the primary responsibility of the writer who owns the writing. Therefore, Writing Center tutors are available to assist writers in developing their own effective proofreading strategies.

Writing is a process that is never finished. Each draft can bring new questions, research, and focus. In a tutoring session the writer is free to explore their voice without a set destination, with the assurance that the journey itself has a purpose. As tutors, our main goal is to illuminate each writer’s process and empower their voice. The one-on-one nature of a tutoring session means that we meet each writer where they are and devote our full attention to their ideas. The fact that we are peer tutors means that we work with each writer to set goals for the session, for the particular piece of writing, and for their own growth as a writer.

As representatives of the Writing Center and as writers ourselves, we are committed to the expectations of an Evergreen graduate. The necessity of writing to these expectations can be obvious: articulate and assume responsibility for your own work; demonstrate critical, integrative, and independent thinking; communicate creatively and effectively. But the work we do in the Writing Center is about more than just writing. Our deepest hope is to facilitate writers in becoming more self-aware and empowered members of society, addressing yet another expectation of an Evergreen graduate: to participate collaboratively in our diverse society. We do our best work as tutors when we are in a relationship with writers and faculty. We hope to continue to cultivate these relationships to best support the growth of every student.