Evergreen’s Metal Shop is located on the ground floor of the Arts Annex, adjacent to Lab I and parking lot B.  Every quarter, programs with an emphasis in 3-D design work are allotted studio time in the metal shop where faculty, instructional staff support and aides are present to assist the students in completing their sculptural and/or functional pieces safely.  Open hours are also available to students who pass a thorough proficiency test. Questions about the metal shop and its use policies can be directed to Instructional Support Staff member Don Jensen

The metal shop is a valuable resource for anyone interested in design, sculpture, or the metal trade. Among the many processes that can be performed here are MiG and tig welding, plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene, and bronze/metal casting. The shop supplies a diversity of metal sheet and stock, which is available for convenient student purchase through the cashier's office.

Tools available in the metal shop include:

  • metal hydraulic shears
  • MIG welders
  • TIG welder
  • oxy/acetylene welding stations
  • spot welder
  • slip rollers
  • chop saw
  • grinders
  • sandblaster