Arts Annex

Home to a wide range of 2- and 3-D work spaces for students working across a variety of mediums.

art annex roof and windows

  • A 3-D sculpture studio and large, well-equipped metal and wood shops on the ground floor,
  • A fully equipped ceramics studio, kiln room and additional classroom space on the first floor,
  • Three 2-D studios, one large drawing studio and a multi use critique space on the second floor.

Sculpture and 3-D studios are located on the ground floor of the Arts Annex. Close proximity to the metal shop and wood shops provides convenient access to meet students' sculptural needs. The 3D studio is equipped with large sinks, excellent ventilation, tall ceilings with bright lighting, and work tables for 25 students.

Our ceramics studio studio is located on the first floor of the Arts Annex. Here you have access to both electric and kick wheels, individual work stations, and glaze and slip-casting recipes mixed in-house by our instructional technician  We have both gas and electric fired kilns to aid in turning out a wide variety of both sculptural and wheel-thrown work. 

Also located on this floor is our 900+ sq ft 3-D design studio designed with flexibility for additional classroom space for design work and/or multimedia presentations. 

The second floor is home to painting and drawing studios. Two large painting studios and one smaller studio (for independent contracts) are dedicated program spaces year round. A critique room and a large drawing studio with easels, drawing boards and drawing horses also share the second floor. All rooms receive natural light from skylights and windows, as well as being equipped with adjustable track lighting systems.