Upward Bound

We are The Evergreen State College's only pre-college program. Our mission is to support low income high school students in becoming the first in their family to obtain a college degree.

Our Grants

Our program holds five, five-year Upward Bound Grants which are currently funded for 2017-2022:

  • The Tacoma Program
    • The Tacoma Upward Bound Classic Grant serves 105 students who attend Lincoln and Mount Tahoma High Schools in the Tacoma School District. This grant is funded at $490,000 per year, totaling $2.45 million over the course of five years.
    • The Tacoma Math-Science Program serves 60 students who attend Lincoln and Mount Tahoma High Schools in the Tacoma School District. This grant is funded at $275,000 per year, totaling $1.37 million over the course of five years.
  • The Clover Park Program
    • The Clover Park Upward Bound Classic Grant services 60 students who all attend Clover Park  High School in Lakewood. This grant is funded at a quarter of a million dollars annually, totaling $1,250,000.00 over the course of five years. All of this funding is used to support our students graduating from high school, being accepted into a college, winning the scholarships and grants to finance their education and graduating from college.
    • Clover Park Math Science
  • The Shelton Program


Creating Pipelines to College

Our programs are successful because of the dedicated and constant support we provide our students. Each school is staffed daily with Upward Bound professionals who meet with students regularly providing academic advising, assisting with college and scholarship applications, and leading after school tutoring and workshops. This level of support keeps our students on track for college success.

We also take our students on monthly field trips; provide camps during Winter and Spring breaks and offer a Six Week Summer program that includes a residential stay and a college tour. During the summer of 2015 over 80 rising Seniors participated in our program which included a two week day camp at The Evergreen State College - Tacoma Campus, a week long college tour and a three week residential stay at The Evergreen State College - Olympia Campus. All of this programming has the focus on increasing our students’ resiliency, sense of self and preparing for college level work.