TRiO Student Success Services

TRiO Services

What services does Evergreen TRiO Student Success provide?

Students who participate in the TRiO Student Success Services program have access to numerous tools and resources intended to help them stay in school and earn a college degree. Experienced and knowledgeable staff work individually with each student, identifying and providing those resources which will be of greatest value.

Academic Tutoring: TRiO Student Success staff can offer assistance with writing, reading strategies and study skills. Additionally, Writing Tutors are available in the Writing Center and QuaSR to specifically serve your needs. Officially admitted students can take advantage of free, one-on-one tutoring sessions in subject areas such as math, science, computing or foreign languages which are provided through TRiO Student Success.

Financial Aid Guidance: Obtaining financial aid can be a confusing process. We can help guide you through it, assist with forms and provide valuable scholarship and loan information.

All Inclusive Advising: What would you like to accomplish while at Evergreen? What are your strengths and weaknesses? TRiO Academic Specialists are trained to identify student needs and provide linkages to vital support services on campus and in the community. These might include personal counseling, academic advising, career planning, study abroad and graduate school planning, disability access services, social services, health and wellness, ESL classes, mentoring and others.

Social and Cultural Events: Each quarter TRiO Student Success presents a variety of events and academic workshops. Occasionally, students also attend complimentary cultural events on- and off-campus such as theater, dance and music performances.  To find out more- contact your Academic Specialist, or follow our Facebook Page and Instagram.

TRiO Courses: TRiO Student Success offers several 2 credit courses throughout the academic year. These include classes that help new students be successful at Evergreen, learn to apply for scholarships and understand the cost of a college education, and to prepare for graduate school and career pathways. Classes usually meet once each week of the quarter in the afternoon. Students can expect to engage in weekly workshops, lectures, seminars, and guest speakers.