The Woods, Beach, and Trails

Evergreen’s campus includes a large network of trails leading to the college’s Organic Farm, unspoiled forested areas, and beach on the Puget Sound.

The Evergreen Woods

The Woods

Evergreen is situated on more than 1,000 acres of forest. Many programs take advantage of this resource, but you’re also free to explore the woods and trails whenever you like. Keep your eyes open for woodland critters, or simply enjoy the peace of your surroundings. Well marked trails will take you to the Organic Farm or down to the beach.

Two students sit in the waters at Evergreen Beach

Evergreen Beach

You have access to more than 3,000 feet of unspoiled beach on the Puget Sound, just a short walk from campus. Bring waterproof boots and go wading, comb the beach, or sit and watch for seals. Even rent a kayak from the campus recreation center via The Outdoor Program. At night, you can see small bioluminescent creatures glowing in the water or join the Shellfish Club for one of their midnight meetings. Bring a flashlight along and watch out for jellyfish!

image of trail map

Trail Maps

Students in a Geographic Information Systems course created maps of the campus and trails. A few of these maps are available here. Each highlights slightly different features, so find the one that works for you.

  • Potasnik Map (PDF)—Shows bike-friendly and walking trails, as well as streams and campus buildings
  • Siatkowski Map (PDF)—A full-campus map featuring road trails, shore trails, and forest trails, as well as east campus trails, campus buildings, and the Organic Farm
  • Ritchie Map (PDF)—Distinguishes between improved and unimproved trails and shows the Eld Inlet and south campus reserve

Explore the Area

These wonderful, natural areas are available for you to use whenever you want, but if that’s not enough, know that Olympia is situated in the most diverse landscape in America. Explore many state and national forests, a number of mountains, and the Pacific ocean, all nearby. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or some peace and quiet close to home, you can find it here.

For the Love of Nature

Evergreen has been a leader in environmental education from the beginning. In recent years, we have stepped up our commitment to sustainability to reach beyond the classroom and even the campus.

Home Away From Home

You can find most of what you need right on Evergreen’s campus, within walking distance. See what campus life is like outside of class.

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