Responsible Employee Information

Under the Title IX Policy and Procedure, a “Responsible Employee” is an employee who is responsible for reporting any knowledge of potential sexual harassment or discrimination to the Title IX Coordinator.

Who is a Responsible Employee

On the Evergreen campus, all employees (faculty and staff including Police Services) and student staff Resident Assistants are considered Responsible Employees. The only exceptions are confidential resources, listed below.

What do I need to report?

Official Notice of an alleged violation may include incidents that you observe first-hand, that are directly reported to you by a participant or third party, posted on fliers or social media, or even overheard in conversations. You must report all information you are aware of.

If you are Responsible Employee with information about a potential Title IX violation, you should report to the Title IX Coordinator. Include any information you observed or were told, including the student(s) name, location(s), date(s) and time(s), along with any specific details you know. If you feel specific information cannot be shared, please share what you are able to.

If you are not sure the information reaches a level of Title IX, please consult with the Title IX Coordinator by email at or phone (360) 867-5224.

How can I make a report?

Use the button below to submit a Title IX Report.

You may also submit a report directly to the Title IX Coordinator by email at or phone (360) 867-5224.

Confidential Resources

Title IX also recognizes that individuals may want to turn somewhere for support without escalating a report, so it allows for certain campus offices to serve as confidential resources. These employees in the office below are NOT Responsible Employees, and do not have an obligation to report known sexual harassment/violence.

  • Student Wellness Services, SemII B3132, (360) 867-6200