What is an Alleged Violation?

Below are some examples, but are not limited to potential violations that need to be reported.

  • Gender Discrimination: any discriminatory conduct based on gender, gender expression, perceived gender, or gender stereotypes
  • Sexual Harassment: a form of discrimination based on the recipient’s sex, characterized by unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  • Sexual Assault: actual or attempted sexual contact with another person without that person’s consent.
  • Stalking: engaging in a course of conduct, directed at another individual that would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety or the safety of others, or to feel intimidated or harassed.
  • Dating/Domestic Violence: physical or sexual abuse or harm, or the threat of physical or sexual abuse including emotional abuse and psychological abuse.
  • Sexual Exploitation: occurs when one takes non-consensual or abusive sexual advantage of another for the advantage or benefit or anyone other than the person being exploited.

What Do I need to report?

Official Notice of an alleged violation may include incidents that are directly reported, directly observed, reported by a third party, posted on fliers or social media, or even overheard in conversations. You must report all information you are aware of.

If a Responsible Employee receives information about a potential Title IX violation, they should report to the Title IX Coordinator. Responsible Employees should include any information they have received, including the student(s) name, location(s), date(s) and time(s), along with any specific details the student shared. If you feel specific information cannot be shared, please share what you are able to with the Title IX Coordinator.

If you are not sure the information reaches a level of Title IX, please consult with the Title IX Coordinator. They can talk with you and answer questions without you providing specific details.

Where do I report?

You can report in several different ways: