Your Options

Access support services and accommodations by reporting a concern — or help someone you know. You can also make the choice about filing a complaint about a potential policy violation.

Reporting Gives You Options

If you have experienced gender discrimination or harassment, sexual misconduct, or relationship violence, please make a report. You can report online or contact the Title IX coordinator.

What happens next is your choice:

  • Talk to someone who has training and wants to help.
  • Access support services.
  • Find a remedy to help you continue your education safely.
  • Review options for investigation.

We can help you with changing your living situation, dropping a program, or otherwise keeping separate from someone else on campus. You do not need to start an investigation to keep safe!

If you want to keep your situation private, we will respect your wishes. Details of reports are considered part of your educational record and protected by FERPA.

If your report matches a pattern or shows a risk of lethal violence, we may be required by law to investigate to protect the whole campus community. But we will respect your wishes as best we can.

Investigating Misconduct

If you ask to have an investigation started, you can choose to have an internal or police investigation.

  • Misconduct by students is investigated and resolved according to the Student Code of Conduct procedures.
  • Misconduct by employees (faculty or staff) is investigated by AA/EOO. 
  • Criminal investigations are handled by the police in the jurisdiction where the crime happened. On-campus crimes are investigated by Evergreen's Campus Police.