Upcoming Events & Funding Opportunities

  • Forestry for Resilience: Carbon Storage and Wood Products for a Changing World
    June 19-20, The Evergreen State College Olympia Campus

    Join us for a conference exploring how forests can be managed for greater resilience and carbon storage - from seedlings to wood products. The changes anticipated for the Pacific Northwest’s climate will challenge our forests to provide the timber, habitat, water, carbon sequestration, and other important ecosystem services on which we rely.

    Over two days we'll go out in the woods and look at a range of harvest treatments, discuss ways to increase carbon stability and climate resilience in forests, and consider potential supply chain solutions that align with these management strategies. We are bringing together natural resource managers, scientists, local agencies, tribal governments, mill owners, builders, architects, family forest owners, and non-profit leaders from around the region to share information and take part in a dialog to advance ideas to sustain resilience and support carbon storage in Pacific Northwest forests.

  • WA Public Works Board's Free Infrastructure Trainings in 2018
    February 7 -- Camus
    March 7 -- Port Angeles
    April 11 -- Moses Lake
    May 16 -- Walla Walla

    This free training is geared toward public works staff, elected officials, water and wastewater operators and anyone who manages assets, sets rates, manages projects or is seeking resources to fund future infrastructure projects. Staff from multiple state and federal funding programs will be available to explore your community’s infrastructure needs. Find more info and register here!

Past Presentations & Events