SURF Highlights

Since 2013, faculty and students have teamed up in a variety of projects in environmental and lab sciences, mathematics, computing, the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. Here are some highlights of their work.

One-Minute Evergreen

Shauna Bittle's One-Minute Evergreen multimedia production, "Interdisciplinary Research in the Prairies," features 2013 fellows Mariah Smith and Levi Travis and faculty members Abir Biswas and Dylan Fischer collecting specimens at a controlled-burn site on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in southern Thurston County.

Evergreen Magazine

The fall 2013 edition of Evergreen's alumni magazine includes an article about the first summer of SURF, "Digging In," with profiles of four 2013 projects: Biogeochemical Cycling in Pacific Northwest Ecosystems, Plant Community and Ecosystem Ecology Research in Western Washington Ecosystems, Survey of Municipal Planning Practices in Washington State, and The Encyclopedia Project.

Select project findings

Faculty member Ulrike Krotscheck, with assistance from fellows Alexis Walsh and Erin Gamble, led The Evergreen State College's first archaeological field school (2015) at Bush Farm in Tumwater, Wash. Their poster presentation is "Digging up George Bush's Homestead." You can read more about their project on the Evergreen News site.

Faculty member Erik Thuesen's research involves the ecophysiology of ctenophores. Here is a 2017 poster by Thuesen and fellows Maya Nabipoor and Stacia Krause Ledbetter: "Ecophysiology of Ctenophora: Biochemical Analysis." 

Faculty member Richard Weiss has led a number of SURF projects on cybersecurity.  Fellows Isabel Corrado and Rosemary Davies produced this 2017 poster: "On RSA: The Rivest-Shamir-Adelman Encryption Algorithm."

Faculty member Naima Lowe and fellows Alexis Howell and Lauren Steury completed work on an experimental film project, Trouble.  Here is a video presentation about their project: "Demystifying Trouble."

Crystal Leatherman and Haley Taylor worked with faculty member Lori Blewett on this research: "Innovations in Social Movement Rhetoric" (2017).

Kate Petersen was a fellow in 2016 and 2017 with faculty member Lalita Calabria.  Peterson and Calabria's work features in this 2017 co-authored poster: "Quantifying Nitrogen Fixation by Moss-Cyanobacteria Associations in a Northwest Prairie Ecosystem."

Collaborative  urban planning research (2013) by faculty members Jennifer Gerend and Ralph Murphy and fellow Shira Moch is featured in this press release: "Understanding Our Downtowns: Faculty-Student Research Guides Municipal Policy."

Faculty member Elizabeth Williamson and fellows Cai Logan and Tristan Eloise explored film adaptations of Shakespeare and contemporary and historical images of soldiers, martyrs and terrorists in their project, Martyrs in American Culture (2014). Their work includes a poster and slide presentations of a theoretical vocabulary, case studies, and source texts

In their work modeling the evolution of cooperation (2014), faculty member David McAvity and fellow Geneva Mottet produced the poster "Evolutionary Dynamics of Broadcast Spawners." 

Faculty member Alison Styring and fellows Lucas Campbell, Allison Swan, and Stephanie Lewis have conducted ornithological research at Evergreen's 1000-acre Olympia campus and in nearby prairie habitats. Here is a poster presentation Swan and Styring produced in collaboration with researcher Adrian Wolf: "Avifaunal Community Composition in a Prairie-Oak Habitat." Styring co-presented her ongoing work using bioacoustical methods for locating bird species at the 99th Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting in August 2014. 

Several SURF projects in ecological research have collaborated extensively in areas of common interest: Stream Ecology Research (2015 -- faculty Carri LeRoy; fellow Emily Wolfe), Ecological Research in Fluvial Systems (2014 -- faculty Carri LeRoy and Erin Martin; fellow Aaron Jones), Plant Community and Ecosystem Ecology in Western Washington Ecosystems (2013 -- faculty Dylan Fischer; fellow Levi Travis), Plant Ecosystem Ecology Research in Northwest Forests (2014 -- faculty Dylan Fischer; fellows Claire Cook and Sydney Baker), and Bigeochemical Cycling in Northwest Forest Systems (2013, 2014, 2015 -- faculty Abir Biswas; fellow Mariah Smith in 2013 and 2014; fellows Andrew Buechel and Abby Watt in 2015). Presentations from these projects include:

Previous SURF projects

For a full list and descriptions of SURF projects to date, visit our History page.