The Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural Crossings

Mexico: Spring 2023

At a Glance

Faculty Leaders

Catalina Ocampo

Alice Nelson


Mérida, Mexico


10 weeks



Language of Instruction




Single or Multi-Quarter

Multi (Fall 22 - Spring 23)

Previous Experience

Participation in Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 The Spanish-Speaking World preferred; Participation in Winter 2023 The Spanish-Speaking World required

Program Components

  • Spanish language immersion
  • Field trips around the Yucatán peninsula
  • Community-based Learning with local community organizations

Program Description

For a description of the full academic year (Fall 22 - Spring 23) program, visit the course catalog

This study abroad component (offered in Spring 2023) is designed in collaboration with Habla: the Center for Language and Culture. Habla is a language school and educational center based in Mérida, Mexico that engages students in learning Spanish through participatory and arts-based methods. Evergreen faculty and Habla staff work closely to design the program, plan field trips and community work, and ensure that language courses are aligned with students’ language level and the themes and content of The Spanish-Speaking World program.

Throughout this study abroad program you will: refine your Spanish-language skills through language classes at Habla, deepen your knowledge of the natural, historical and social contexts of the Yucatán Peninsula and Mexico more broadly, and establish relationships with the local community through homestays and community-based learning at organizations in Mérida.

All classes during spring quarter will be conducted entirely in Spanish, and is available to students at all levels of Spanish language learning.

Click on the video below to hear from Evergreen alum and former participant, Jacob, about his experience studying abroad in Mexico.

Global to Local Involvement

Evergreen’s Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBLA) can help you find opportunities to engage with the community and build upon your skills developed/strengthened in Mexico.

Total Cost

Evergreen Tuition + Fees + Variable Costs = Current Tuition + about $7,900 (varies from $7,200 - $8,650)


Charged to your student account

Expenses Amounts
Program Fee $5,500
Admin Fee $150

What does the program fee include? 

  • Lodging and all meals with homestay family
  • Language classes and academic expenses 
  • Field trips and excursions
  • Required activities

What does the admin fee pay for? Faculty travel expenses and support from International Programs & Services

Variable Costs

Not charged to your student account

Expenses Estimated Amounts
Roundtrip Airfare $500 - $1,000
Extra meals $350
Personal expenses/activities $500
Health Insurance & Immunizations $300 - $500
Passport Fees $200
In-country transportation  $200
Estimated Variable Total $1,300 - $2,750

Questions or Concerns?

Academic-related or location specific: email the faculty

General study abroad or cost: email Brynn Smith at