Consortium Partnerships

A consortium is a formal partnership between Evergreen and an external organization that provides study abroad opportunities. 

Partnerships benefit Evergreen students in several ways:

  • Consortium partnerships offer more than 300 destination programs.
  • Financial aid awards transfer and can be used to pay for consortium program costs.
  • Evergreen students pay consortium tuition and fees, not Evergreen tuition.  They also pay a $400 Consortium Enrollment Fee to Evergreen for each consortium term.
  • Students are concurrently enrolled in the consortium program and at Evergreen. Students register at Evergreen with a CRN for the designated consortium, and therefore maintain student status.
  • Credit that you earn transfers from the partner institution to Evergreen smoothly as long as students earn grades of 'C' or better.  A grade of 'C-' or below will not qualify for transfer credit.
  • Credit earned through consortium programs counts as credit earned at Evergreen.

Please submit a completed Application for Consortium Study Abroad in order to to be considered for consortium program as an Evergreen student.

How to Apply for an Evergreen Study Abroad Consortium Program 

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Participating consortium programs

*Domestic US programs are not eligible for consortium status.