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Visual Arts

Engage in studio arts through theory and practice. Explore image and object-making as historical and cultural traditions in relation to contemporary artistic, political, and social issues. 

2017-18 Day of Caring

Note: You can join or leave a Path of Study at any time and your credits will always count toward your Bachelor’s degree.

Evergreen’s unique visual arts curriculum offers ample opportunities for you to work deeply on art making in studios-based programs, while applying artistic approaches to themes with other academic disciplines in interdisciplinary programs.

  • Cultivate visual art and visual studies creative methodologies as part of interdisciplinary inquiry
  • Gain hands-on art skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, woodworking, fine metals, sculpture, ceramics, and photography
  • Learn practices, histories and theories of image and object making as historical and cultural traditions
  • Develop critical awareness of artistic practices in our contemporary era that allow for individual and collaborative work with direct engagement from faculty and staff.

You will have unparalleled access to techniques and tools in state-of-the-art studios that minimize negative environmental impacts. Interdisciplinary art programs integrate the visual arts with philosophy, environmental studies, cultural studies, media, education, and history, among other fields.

Graduates are educators and sculptors, jewelers and fashion designers, printmakers and photographers, animators and illustrators. Many go on to join prestigious arts organizations and non-profits, or do advanced studies in art history, critical theory, curatorial studies, and museum studies. Others nurture creative talent in the fields of information science, art history, and industrial design, while some choose to or start their own creative businesses as artists, craftspeople, or entrepreneurs. The career opportunities for visual artists are as varied as the mediums they choose to pursue.

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Ceramic Portraits

Programs that begin in Fall 2020

Advanced Projects in Media and Visual Arts(FWS)

Conceptualizing Place: Pacific Northwest Native Art and Geographies (FWS)

Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey (FWS)

Foundational Studio Projects in the Visual Arts: Material Gestures in a (Virtual) Common Space (FW)

Reproduction: Critical Witnessing at the Intersections of Gender, Race, and Power (FW)

Shaped by the Sea, Shaped by the Hand: Marine Biology and 3D Art (FW)

Arts, Culture, and Ecology (F)

Programs that begin in Winter 2021

Silk Roads: Culture, History, and Philosophy of China (WS)

Programs that begin in Spring 2021

Capstone Project: Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts (S)

Earth Art: Rock and Metal (S)

Experiments in Photography: Science + Art (S)

Courses (4 credits)

Arts and the Child (F)
Web Design
Physical Computing in the Arts

Programs planned 2021-25


  • Studio Projects
  • Place, Memory, Narrative
  • Experimental Responses: Climate Change, Science and Art
  • Critical Vision


  • Professional Practices 2D
  • Professional Practices 3D