Native American and Indigenous Programs In-depth

Foundational Skills

In all programs, students will learn about nation-to-nation relationships among Indigenous nations and between Indigenous nations and colonial nations like the United States, as well as government-to-government relationships among Indigenous nations and state governments.

Foundational programs will vary in thematic content (i.e. Indigenous Visual Arts, Pacific Northwest History, Social Services). Skills taught will include:

  • College-level writing skills
  • Introduction to ethical research and decolonizing methodologies
  • Close reading, interpretation, and developing a thesis
  • Importance of collaborative work
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Cultural literacy
  • Preparation to do independent work (including ILC and internships)
  • Critical thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Introduction to the idea of cultural protocols

Advanced Work

Engaging in advanced work in this path will require at least one quarter in any foundational program in the path or relevant prior work/skills in particular focus area. You can carry out advanced work in upper-level programs, multi-quarter (including year-long) programs, or as an independent study. Advanced work typically includes:

  • Knowledge of Indigeneity as a lens in understanding policy, art, language, history, and landscape
  • Knowledge of the field (academic field will be dependent on program theme and faculty expertise, but student will also be supported in developing their understanding of the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies)
  • Continue to develop and deepen writing skills in analysis, interpretation, and synthesis
  • Design and complete a capstone project
  • Succeed in an internship or ILC (designing an independent project and successfully completing it)
  • Opportunities to work with communities/Indigenous Nations, and ability to reflect on and discuss the link between theory and practice 
  • Examine Multi-Perspectives and Craft A Research Analysis Essay or Project
  • Demonstrate Communication And Leadership Skills Through Group Projects And Presentations
  • Extrapolate And Define Indigenous Ways Of Knowing From Western, Understanding Cultural Fluidity, Tradition, and The Sacred