media arts

Fields of Study have been revised, and this Field has changed or combined with another. See for a current list.

Explore how media functions in society. Create short documentaries about pressing social issues. Discover your inner animator. Work with analog and high definition video. Collaborate with other budding filmmakers.

Consciousness Dreams in CCAM

Students in the program Consciousness, Dreams, and Everyday Life: Self, Other, World give fall quarter presentations in the Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM).

Contemporary skills. How we understand the world is shaped by the images and sounds we see on screens. At Evergreen, we know that through thoughtful critique and analysis of media, we can find answers to complex questions both societal and personal. By choosing to use the powerful tools of media production, you’ll ignite the spark that illuminates the human experience.

The history of you. As a student in Evergreen’s Media Arts & Media Studies field, you’ll engage deeply in issues of race, class, and gender. You’ll develop critical awareness through screenings, reading, writing, and discussion. In addition, you’ll confront and embrace your own personal narrative as you learn the history, theory, and practice of film, animation, and sound design.

Getting started and going beyond. Our courses and programs offer many entry points for you to develop your critical skills and talents. You will have access to interdisciplinary programs that will allow you to discover your interests and academic skills in the practice of media. Advanced programs, senior projects, and media internships are also offered for upper division students.

Related Paths

Sample Program

Arts of Urgency: Latin American Film and Literature

Offered Fall–Winter 2019

Explore the historical and cultural contexts of Latin American film, animation, and literature, beginning with Third Cinema in the 1960s and continuing into the present. Reflect on your own histories and urgent concerns and develop your own creative responses. You will also build skills in close reading of literature and film, analysis of social and political themes, visual and written storytelling skills, and basic analog animation techniques.

2019 animation proficiency

Students in the Media works program learn how to operate the light and computer equipment during a proficiency in the 3D animation studio.

After Graduation

The risk-takers. Graduates in Media Arts & Media Studies go on to shape the shifting landscape of what the world sees, hears, and does. Evergreen alumni in this field are the educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of their generation. They are freelance producers and social media influencers, and more than a few are Academy Award winners, hit TV show producers, and renowned documentarians.

Media Artists in Screening Room

Evergreen alumnus Nik Nerburn gives a presentation of his experimental film work to Laurie Meeker's Media Artists Studio in the COM Screening Room.

Take your pick. Many Greener Media Arts & Media Studies grads go on to respected MFA programs around the country. Some decide to make an impact in community media, journalism, or as independent media creators. Others choose to take their enhanced critical thinking skills and production experience to major corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Or, they find success at online news and entertainment conglomerates such as BuzzFeed and College Humor. Whichever path you choose to take, the skills gained from the Media Arts & Media Studies field will take you there.

Facilities & Resources

Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM)

The CCAM facilities offer a wide range of studio and production spaces to allow you the creative freedom you need to learn valuable production skills in state-of-the-art facilities. The CCAM is equipped with:

2017 CCAM training

Students in the film/media program Mediaworks are trained in working in the Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM).

  • TV studio
  • Production and engineering control
  • Green room
  • Sound effects studio
  • Audio lab
  • Small-scale studio
  • Audio/video post-production
  • 5.1 Surround mix studio
  • Podcast studio

Electronic Media

Electronic Media provides direct media instruction and support for facilities that include:

hybrid music randlette

Hybrid Music with Peter Randlette in one of the audio production studios in the Communications Building (COM).

  • 2D and 3D Animation labs
  • Audio studios
  • Analog film editing suites
  • Music technology labs
  • Video and multimedia editing lab

At Evergreen, all students have the freedom to use the media facilities to create video and audio work that showcases their interest in their studies. Our media facilities are equipped with all the tools needed for students to investigate and complete work that will prepare them for post-graduate study or professional-level work. Students also have opportunities to gain professional experience as interns or student staff with Evergreen’s Media Services.

Student Groups and Community Involvement

Whether engaging with the community through advanced media programs or participating in on-campus opportunities, students have all kinds of options to integrate Media Arts & Media Studies into their time at Evergreen. Student-generated activities related to this field include the Evergreen Student Music Project (ESMP), the Student Art Gallery, clubs like the Graphic Novel Union and Let’s Keep This Short (a film club), and the annual Chibichibicon. Media students at Evergreen also form a crucial part of Olympia’s storied and vibrant arts community.

Recent Student Projects

Student Work Reel Spring 2018 from Evergreen Media Loan on Vimeo.