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Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) Program

BFET services are available from WA State community and technical colleges, but not available from 4-year state colleges, such as Evergreen. BFET provides training and education with a goal of assisting Basic Food clients in attaining a living wage career. Clients who receive TANF or the State Food Assistance Program (FAP) are not eligible to receive BFET.


The mission of the CARE Team is to deal creatively and constructively with conflict on campus by providing relevant training and development; encouraging members of the community to discuss issues early and execute strategies for solving problems before they escalate; providing clear, accurate and consistent information about how to address conflicts; and supporting those recovering from conflict.

Conditions of Employment (CoE)

Student employees must abide by Evergreen's Conditions of Employment. The CoE must be certified by every student worker annually via their My Evergreen account.

Conflict Resolution

In the event a student employee feels unjustly treated with regard to pay, termination, or other employment-related circumstances, that student should follow the steps outlined on the conflict resolution webpage.

How to Enter Your Time Sheet Hours

Directions and videos on how to enter your time sheet hours so you can get paid. Payroll cycles run from the 1st to the 15th, and 16th to the end of month.

Non-Discrimination Information

If you believe that you have been discriminated against or harassed because of your race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or age, you should seek out the advice and assistance of the Human Resources Office.

Meal & Rest Period Breaks for Student Employees

On-Campus Wage Guidelines and Payment Methods

Employers or supervisors of Evergreen student employees determine the rate of pay for positions their area.

Reasonable Accommodation in Employment


Recognition programs don't have to be expensive. A simple spoken phrase like, "thank you for your hard work," can go a long way.

Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave information for student employees.

Substance Abuse and Prevention

The Evergreen State College promotes the health and well being of its community of staff, faculty, and students.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Every student has a duty to know, understand and abide by the rules and policies of the college.

Summer Jobs

A successful summer job search starts early!

Training Opportunities for Students

Training provided through the Student Employment Office will help you to be a more knowledgeable and effective employee in your current job and are also designed to help you in future jobs at Evergreen or other places.

Training Opportunities for Supervisors

We provide overview trainings covering hiring and pay paperwork and processes, and a review of how to use the Handshake job posting platform.