Meal & Rest Period Breaks for Student Employees

It is The Evergreen State College policy and a Washington State Labor & Industries rule (WAC 296-126-092 and RCW 49.12) to provide a meal period and rest break in accordance with employee work hours and schedule.

In the interest of fairness, the College policy on Meal breaks and rest periods for student employees is consistent with those for Classified and Temporary workers at Evergreen.

Student employees at The Evergreen State College shall receive paid rest breaks and unpaid lunch breaks during their work hours in accordance with the basic provisions specified below. Student employee will need to schedule their breaks with their supervisors.

The basic meal and rest break provisions are:

  • Employees are required a one-half hour meal break (unpaid) when they work more than 5 consecutive hours.
  • Meal breaks cannot be waived.
  • If the employee works for four consecutive hours, s/he is allowed a 15-minute rest period (paid).
  • Breaks and rest periods must be approved by the supervisor.

On-campus supervisors who have questions about the rules for classified, exempt, temporary and/or student workers should contact the Evergreen Human Resources Office (360) 867-5361.