Student Affairs Contacts

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Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Staff

Wendy Endress
Wendy Endress
Vice President, Student Affairs
Nikki Williams
Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs
Andy Corn
Executive Associate to the VP for Student Affairs
Johnson, Lori
Lori Johnson
Director of Student Rights Responsibilities

Student Conflict Resolution

Actualizing Community Together (ACT)
(360) 867-6296

Enrollment Services
Eric Pedersen, Chief Enrollment Officer
(360) 867-6310

Police Services
Ray Holmes, Interim Director of Police Services
(360) 867-6140

Recreation & Athletics
(360) 867-6531

Residential & Dining Services
Sharon Goodman, Director
(360) 867-6419

Student and Academic Support Services
(360) 867-6034

Student Activities
Jeannette Smith, Director of Student Activities and College Activities Building
(360) 867-6220

Student Conduct
Lori Johnson, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities
(360) 867-6298

Student Wellness Services
Elizabeth McHugh, Director of Student Wellness Services
(360) 867-6808