Meet Our Staff

Student Engagement in Student & Academic Life

Casey Lalonde, Director of the Children's Center

Jadon Berry, Director of New Student Programs

Elizabeth McHugh, Associate Dean of Student Engagement for Student Wellness, Recreation, and Athletics

Sharon Goodman, Director of Residential and Dining Services

Kayla Mahnke Hargett, Director of Student Activities

Lori Johnson, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities

Jeannette Smith, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Student Engagement

Andy Corn, Associate Dean of Student Engagement 




What's your favorite part about working with students?

Andy Corn

"At a personal level, college has the potential to be a deep and personal commitment to enter a stage of growth, to engage in acts of making, building, finding, and giving. The public college is non-revokable pact to tell our stories, find voice,support one another, make communities, model, learn, amplify one's agency, voice, and capacity to remake the world anew.

As a staff member who works with students, it's a gift to be within the cradle of this process. To work here, in this moment, is to be a witness to the possible." - Andy Corn