Student Affairs Assessment Overview

Student Affairs writ large and within each functional area engages in assessment – any effort to gather, analyze, and interpret evidence which describes effectiveness in an ongoing cycle so that refinements’ effectiveness are assessed. Assessment efforts provide data that informs quality, affordability, strategic planning, policy development and decision making, and helps us tell our story.

Between fall 2008 and July 2011 the Student Affairs Assessment Committee provided guidance for assessment efforts across the division. The Committee reviewed Upcraft and Schuh’s Assessment in Student Affairs, conducted an inventory of existing assessment work being conducted, reviewed data collected by Institutional Research and Assessment that directly linked to Student Affairs, purchased bar code scanners to use for quick demographic and participation data collection, helped launch the administration of eight Student Voice surveys, and collected Initial Assessment Plans by functional area. The Committee has offered a number of workshops to support assessment including: workshops during all-staff planning retreats each fall, Making Assessment Matter Roundtables during 2009-10 and Seminars to discuss the results of Student Voice surveys and data collected by Institutional Research and Assessment.

During 2011-12 the Committee work ended and leadership for assessment shifted to the Vice President’s direct reports with support from Michael Sledge and Wendy Endress. Brief and accessible summaries of the Student Voice survey data were shared with the College community, including Senior Staff, and work groups were identified to review each survey and analyze, interpret and determine appropriate action items; assessment work was highlighted throughout the year in the new Student Affairs blog; Michael and Wendy convened staff from each functional area once/quarter to support assessment work; and each functional area was tasked with generating a refined assessment plan for 2012-13.

The following objectives to advance assessment have been identified for 2012-13:

  • Engage in the stated 2012-13 Assessment Plans for each functional area and those generated in response to the Student Voice Surveys
  • Administer the following surveys:
  • National College Health Assessment with the ACHA during the week of October 6
  • Student Voice Profile of the College Experience during fall or winter
  • Student Voice Career and Professional Aspirations, Recreation and Wellness, and Student Conduct surveys during April
  • Analyze and interpret Institutional Research and Assessment Student Affairs Indicators (2004-2008) (PDF)
  • Analyze and interpret surveys that were administered during 2011-12 including:
    • EBI – RAD (February/March 2012)
    • S&A Board Fee-use/Satisfaction (February 2012)
    • NSSE (Institutional Research) – first-year and senior students – (mid-winter-June 2012)
    • Evergreen New Student Survey (IR) – all entering students – (May-Sept 2012)
  • Analyze and interpret qualitative comments collected from Student Voice surveys to date (Fall and Winter 2012-13)
  • Further analyze results of Mental Health and Counseling Student Voice Survey with nuanced examination by student demographics (Fall 2012)
  • Obtain and provide training on web-based survey interface 
  • Support functional area assessment work with quarterly meetings (December 2012, March and May 2013
  • Review and update functional area assessment plans by July 15, 2013

For more information about assessment in Student Affairs, please contact Wendy Endress or Michael Sledge.