DTF and Workgroup Members

Shaping our Future, Building on our Past — Strategic Planning DTF and Workgroup Members

In keeping with the strategic planning charge to create goals and action strategies, the DTF broke up into five sub-groups to enable the groups to focus in detail on five important areas. Each of these groups was staffed originally by members of the 15 person DTF and then each expanded their membership by reaching across the campus community. Thus the 15 people on the DTF grew to approximately 90 people across all five working groups.  These areas are:  Academics; Campus Infrastructure, including Technology; Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Development and Retention; Fundraising and Community Partnerships; and Student Recruitment and Retention.

Strategic Planning DTF: Jeff Antonelis-Lapp, John Carmichael, Wendy Endress, Dante Blumentstein Garcia, Lee Hoehmann, John Hurley, Cheryl Simrell King, Dave Kohler, Maria Pineda, Paul Przybylowicz, Raquel Salinas, Gretchen Sorenson, Todd Sprague, Michael Zimmerman (chair), EJ Zita.

Academics Workgroup: Felix Braffith, Jamie Daniel, Dante Garcia, Andrea Heisel, Olga Inglebritson, Kitty Jones, Abby Kelso, Cheryl Simrell King, Paul Przybylowicz, Doug Schuler, Ellen Shortt Sanchez, Michael Zimmerman (chair)

Campus Infrastructure, including Technology Workgroup: Tony Alfonso, Andrew Beattie, Dante Blumenstein Garcia, Sharon Goodman, Rip Heminway, John Hurley (co-chair), Dave Kohler (co-chair) David McAvity, Lucia Peterson, Jeanne Rynne, Richard Weiss, EJ Zita

Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Development and Retention Workgroup: Jeff Antonelis-Lapp (co-chair), Kiana Donahue, Susan Harris, John Hurley (co-chair), Matt Lebens, Jonathan Lindsay, Sarah Mealy, Nancy Murray, Joe Tougas, Laurel Uznanski

Fundraising and Community Partnerships Workgroup: Craig Chance, Julie Garver, Yokiko Hayashi, Lee Hoemann (chair) Tina Kuckkahn-Miller, Elaine Hayashi-Peterson, Olga Inglebritson, Randy Kelley, Abby Kelso, Steve Laing, Jonathan Lindsay, Scott Morgan, Matt Newman, Betsy Robertson, Jason Robertson, Ellen Shortt Sanchez, Ty Somerville, Gretchen Sorenson

Student Recruitment and Retention Workgroup: Andrew Corn, Kelly Ammendolia Wendy Endress (chair), Matt Newman, Sara Martin, Tom Womeldorff, Laura Coghlan, Clarisse Leong, Dante Blumenstein Garcia,Todd Sprague, Raquel Salinas, Nancy Koppelman, David McAvity, Tyrone Somerville, Steve Hunter