Grants Available from Evergreen

Evergreen offers a variety of grants to faculty, staff and students.  Check out the links below to learn more about these opportunities.

Faculty are eligible to apply for a number of competitive grants from Evergreen to support research, creative endeavors, professional development, teaching, and other initiatives. Click on the links below to find out more about these opportunities.

  • Clean Energy Committee grants, funded by Evergreen students, support projects that fuel the progress of renewable energy in the Northwest.
  • The Evergreen Fund for Innovation supports faculty-led collaborative initiatives that recapture the spirit of Evergreen's founding year and show promise for the college's future.
  • Foundation Grants for Faculty, open to all faculty including visitors and adjuncts, fund a variety of costs related to faculty research and professional development.
  • The Tom Rye Harvill Award funds projects that explore the intersections of art and science.
  • The Kutter Fund for Microbiology Research at Evergreen supports faculty-led microbiology research projects that engage undergraduate students.
  • The Noosphere Award supports faculty-student collaborative projects that unify artistic, scientific, and spiritual elements to promote the advent of a worldwide culture of peace.
  • PLATO Lecture Series awards fund an annual guest speaker series on a topic concerning computers and technology.
  • The President's Diversity Fund awards grants for programs and activities that educate the Evergreen community about diversity and equity.
  • Seed Grants provide salary support for faculty to develop proposals for grants from government agencies and private funders.  Generally, eligible faculty will be in the early stages of developing a grant-funded research agenda and have a specific grant opportunity to pursue.  Seed funds may also be available for faculty to pursue proposals that benefit the college more broadly. For more information, contact John McLain, Academic Grants Manager, ext. 6045.
  • Sponsored Research awards, open to permanent faculty members, support faculty research and creative efforts.
  • Student Foundation Activity Grants are available for student-led projects, though faculty may participate as part of a grant team.