ILC Project Support

Do you want to do an Individual Learning Contract (ILC) that requires Science Support?

Go to My Evergreen and select "Individual Study Contracts". Once there, follow the online application prompts. If you need support, please visit the Academic Deans ILC Wiki for more detailed instructions and/or submit a help ticket.

  • Indicate your project needs "Science Support" when you apply online
  • “Accept Contract” after “Getting Feedback” so we can issue your ILC "Science Support Approval"
  • Keep in mind due to limited resources and availability, ILC "Science Support Approval" is not a guarantee that equipment, lab space and/or technical support will be available within your timeline

When you are ready to start your project:

  • Fill out 
  1. a Student Project Form (PDF) This outlines your research project & helps determine what lab space, specialized equipment, and trainings you need. Attach any supporting literature and drafts of your methodology you might have.
  2. the Equipment/Chemical Request Form (PDF) (you can submit additional requests as needed)
  3. and Chemical Fact Sheets for any chemicals you will need. 
  • Go over these forms with your faculty and get their signatures of approval.
  • Submit this completed paperwork to Jenna Nelson (  Lab 1, room 2017 at least two weeks before you want to begin.

You do not need to know your complete methodology before you start the process. It's likely that you will make changes and need to request additional items once your research has begun. That's okay! 

A Scientific Instructional Technician (SIT) will be assigned as your ILC contact person after you submit your completed forms. Your assigned SIT will work with the SSC to get you the lab space, materials, equipment and trainings that you need.

Consumable materials for your project (like filters, pipet tips, special orders, etc.) will need to be purchased and are not included in the cost of your tuition. Some ILC students secure funding through the Clean Energy Committee Award or the Student Capstone Fund

Send an email to Jenna Nelson ( if you have any questions.