Tabbutt Family Scholarship

Amount $1,562


Donations in memory of Fred Tabbutt may be made to the Tabbutt Family Scholarship at The Evergreen State College Foundation.

Fred Tabbutt, who was a member of the College's original planning faculty and taught chemistry at Evergreen until his retirement in 1998, passed away on November 11, 2016. Fred was initially hired during the 1970 planning year and subsequently resigned from Reed College to join the new, innovative college in Olympia. As he mentioned in his autobiographic sketch in 1972, “after 14 years I felt I had reached my growth limit and left that institution for which I have great affection and came to Evergreen. I am happy to report that that growth still seems to be continuing.”
His disciplinary expertise was physical chemistry but his interests included computing, environmental chemistry, and videography. He was a strong proponent of applied learning; his passion was developing chemistry experiments that captured students’ attention and reinforced fundamental principles of chemistry. The integration of chemistry, computing and visualizing reactions was central to his teaching.