How to Apply

Scholarships for the 2020-21 Academic Year are now closed.

Scholarships for the 2021-22 Academic Year will open mid-November.

Please read through these instructions carefully; our process has changed this year.

Applying for all Evergreen scholarships and tuition awards this year is a single process. Each student will complete one application that will be used to determine their eligibility for the entire list of scholarships. There are many scholarships available, and each student will be matched with the opportunities that fit their need, interests, and circumstances. A full list of the scholarship opportunities available are listed on the Undergraduate Scholarships Home page.

More details on each component are listed below but in summary, your scholarship application packet should include:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. An application essay addressing the prompt listed in the application form.
  3. One letter of recommendation written by someone other than a family member.
  4. Unofficial transcripts.
  5. Optional: Portfolios and additional criteria (please see below)

The anatomy of a scholarship application

1. Application form

Please complete, print and attach an application form to the scholarship application packet you submit. This form will be used to determine which scholarship opportunities you are eligible for, and will not be released to the committee that reads and evaluates your application letter.

2. Application essay

Your letter of application should address your talents, achievements, and needs and how they relate to your academic journey. Read the scholarship application form carefully for guidance on what to include in your letter, and what information may be required.

In general, your letter of application should address your educational goals and how attending college, specifically at Evergreen, will help you achieve those goals. Many scholarships also require a financial statement within your letter of application that explains how this scholarship will help supplement your financial aid and/or reduce your student loan debt.



  • Ensure your essay addresses all of the requirements in the prompt.
  • Meet the length requirements.
  • Show instead of tell.
  • Start with an attention grabber.
  • Make your application stand out by being original and unique to you.
  • Proof read your essay and read it aloud to listen for flow and structure.
  • Use campus resources such as the Writing Center, TRiO, Academic and Career Advising, your faculty, etc.
  • Don’t look up other essays or copy from other works.
  • Don’t repeat information from other places in your application.
  • Don’t be too modest or sell yourself short.
  • Don’t try to write in a style that is not natural for you – use your own words.
  • Don’t just list information about yourself.

3. Letter of recommendation

Scholarships at Evergreen require one letter of recommendation to support your application. Generally, the letter should support the talents, achievements, and needs discussed in your application essay. It's best to include the letter in your scholarship packet, but recommenders may send them directly to the Undergraduate Scholarship Office if they prefer.

Letters of recommendation should not be from a family member. They can be from a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • Faculty & teachers
  • Supervisors
  • Volunteer leaders
  • Coaches
  • Guidance counselors
  • Mentors

Ask for letters of recommendation early! It is good practice to request them at least a month before the scholarship due date. If you notice an opportunity and can’t give a month’s notice you shouldn’t be discouraged from applying or asking for a letter, but be prepared to ask a few sources before a recommender is able to meet the deadline.

4. Unofficial transcripts

Your application packet should include unofficial transcripts.

  • New students with fewer than 40 transferable credits should submit high school transcripts, as well as college transcripts if applicable.
  • New students with 40 or more transferable credits should submit unofficial transcripts from all previous colleges.
  • Continuing Evergreen students should submit copies of Evergreen evaluations, which can be found in the Academic Progress tab of your my.evergreen account. Include both the overview page and choose two narrative evaluations your faculty have written of you that best represent your work.

5. Portfolios and additional criteria

Some of our scholarships have very specific criteria for which you may be eligible, but that you might not have addressed in your application essay. you may also attach a supplemental document listing those scholarships in particular that you would like to be considered for, and write a statement in 200 words or less addressing how you meet the criteria.

In addition, some of our scholarships ask that you submit a portfolio or recordings. Recordings should be submitted on CD, DVD, or flash drive, and visual artists should submit copies or photographs. Hard copies of your work is preferred whenever possible. Do not submit originals of your work. You can retrieve your materials later, but we cannot assume liability for damaged or lost work.

Scholarships that require additional supplemental materials include

Submitted application packets become the property of the College, with the exception of portfolio materials, CD, DVDs, and flash drives. Application and portfolio materials are kept on file for at least 6 years before they are destroyed in compliance with the State Records Retention Schedule. For more information, or to retrieve portfolio materials, please call (360) 867-6310 or email us at

FAFSA/WASFA application

Some scholarship opportunities require applicants to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) for undocumented Washington residents. Both applications open October 1st, though we recommend completing and submitting either your FAFSA or WASFA no later than January 15th so our Financial Aid Office will receive the results by February 1st. Please do not submit a copy of the financial aid application along with your scholarship application. If you meet the deadline, the scholarship committees will get your information automatically from our Financial Aid Office.

Evergreen’s school code is: 008155

Submitting your applications

Note for new students: It is possible that you might submit your scholarship packets before you submit an application for admission. However, to be eligible for a scholarship, you must be offered admission to the College so it is critical that new students complete the application for admission prior to February 1.

Please submit one packet of materials that includes the corresponding required documents. The preferred method of submitting your materials is in person or by mail to:

UG Scholarships

The Evergreen State College

Library 1245

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

Olympia, WA 98505


Those unable to mail or drop-off materials may email them to

All materials must be submitted or postmarked by 11:59pm on February 1st.

Notification of scholarship awards begins April 1st and continues through July 1st, and you will receive notification whether you receive a scholarship or not.

FERPA statement

Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, students submitting applications for scholarships are consenting to disclosure of their application materials to committee members on and off campus. This could include information related to scholarship eligibility, admissions status, registration status, class standing, and financial need.

The Evergreen State College strongly encourages qualified persons of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientations, persons with disabilities, persons over 40, women, and Vietnam Era and disabled veterans to apply for awards listed.