Types of Spaces on Campus

How Spaces Are Prioritized

Academic Spaces

  1. Credit generating academic programs and courses
  2. College related events and activities
  3. Non-college related events and activities

Special Event and Other Non-Academic Spaces

Priority for scheduling is on a first come first served basis. However, college events take priority over non-college related events.

See the Space Use Policy for detailed information.

Academic Spaces

  • General Classrooms. Rooms that hold 20 or more people without special equipment in the following buildings: Library, Seminar I, Laboratory I, Laboratory II, Purce Hall, Seminar II, Communications Building, College Recreation Center.
  • Specialty Classrooms. Rooms with unique equipment and services: Computer Center & Labs, Science Labs, Art Studios, Organic Farm, Art Gallery, Communications Lab Building, Longhouse Cultural Center, Farm House Meeting Room & Kitchen, Dance Studios/Classroom, plus other media facilities requiring proficiencies for individual or group use.
  • Library Proper. Rooms in the Library inside the Library Building, including general classrooms and study spaces.
  • Tacoma Campus. Both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Special Event Spaces

  • Library Building Second Floor Lobby
  • Library Building Third Floor Lobby
  • Library 4300

Other Spaces on Campus

  • Administrative spaces, including conference rooms inside of work areas and off of open foyers or hallways. (Some of these spaces are managed directly by the work units and cannot be reserved through Schedule Evergreen.)
  • Costantino Recreation Center, Fields, and Pavilion, not including the Dance Studios.
  • Other interior foyers and lobbies.
  • General outdoor space, including Library entrance, Red Square, Amphitheater, and Seminar II Building Plaza.
  • Residential Housing Areas.

Additional spaces that are not reserved: other outdoor spaces (bus loop, beach, etc), and restricted spaces such as computing closets and storage areas.