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Hear from Evergreen’s 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) recipients and enjoy an up-close look at their impressive findings. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to partner closely with faculty on real-world research and a variety of creative projects from anthropology, archaeology, literary arts, film, human rights, cybersecurity, indigenous studies, organic chemistry, plant biology, urban planning, 18th century literature, and mathematics education and beyond.

These student researchers are eager to share the results of their summer work with you with on-demand lightning talks.

Project Title (with link to YouTube video) Student Fellow Faculty Advisor
Understanding Community through Qualitative Research & Documentary Filmmaking Victoria Rose Early and Bergen de Koch Maria Isabel Morales, Suree Towfighnia 
Evergreen Beach Shellfish in a Changing Climate: An Unexpected Natural Experiment Kaitlin Tea Pauline Yu
Digital/ Haptic/ Domestic: Supporting Tactile Learning Online Allen Burgess Julia Heineccius
Stream Ecology Research with Field Work at Mt. St. Helens Marisa Fisher Carri LeRoy
Evergreen in Context: An Archives Project Ryan Richter Nancy Koppelman
NOVIC Radicchio Trials Ethan Bucher Martha Rosemeyer, Steve Schuerell, Sarah Williams
Genomic Data Mining of Arrow Worm Biochemistry Ana Vinson Erik Thuesen
Behavioral Training of Dairy Cattle to Increase Efficiency and Welfare in Milking Systems Aurora Oceguera Mike Paros
The EDURange Project JunBo Park Richard Weiss


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