SURF On-Demand

You'll hear from Evergreen’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) recipients and enjoy an up-close look at their impressive findings. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to partner closely with faculty on real-world research and a variety of creative projects from anthropology, archaeology, literary arts, film, human rights, cybersecurity, indigenous studies, organic chemistry, plant biology, urban planning, 18th century literature, and mathematics education and beyond.

These student researchers are eager to share the results of their summer work with you with on-demand lightning talks.

SURF Presentation Videos
Project Title (with link to YouTube video) Student Fellow Faculty Advisor
Biogeochemical Cycling in Pacific Northwest Forest Ecosystems Cody Blackketter Abir Biswas
Magical Paintbrush Kayleigh Faur Hirsh Diamant
The Chehalis River Hypothesis Project – Test Phase Jellyfish Gomez Ulrike Krotscheck
Mass Transit and the Politics of the Commons Robert Gorrill Savvina Chowdhury
The Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect: Two Photons or One Biphoton? Richard Gumbel John Caraher
Recovering from Disturbance: Plant Community Ecology Following the Eruption of Mount St. Helens Bryan Hall Dylan Fischer
Conservation Ecology of Hair Lichens in the Historic Range of the Endangered Mountain Caribou Lou Leohner Lalita Calabria
Summer Undergraduate Research in Field Ornithology James Link Alison Styring
Oral Stereotypic Behavior in Dairy Cattle Kelly McCandless Mike Paros
The Evergreen Shellfish Garden Renewal Makenna Medrano Pauline Yu
Computer Programming for Social Science Research: Examining Public & Policy Responses to the Fossil Fuels Shipping Industry Using Computer-Assisted Data Collection and Analysis Huy Nguyen Richard Weiss & Shawn Hazboun
Stream Ecology Research with Lab and Field Work at Mount St Helens Aife Pasquale Carri LeRoy
Organic Tomato and Chicory Field Trial: Yield, Sensory Evaluation, and Disease Resistance Caleb Poppe Sarah Williams & Steve Scheuerell
A Place to Study the World from a Native Perspective Ryan Richter Tina Kuckkahn-Miller
Themes in the Life of The Evergreen State College Olivia Rowe Nancy Koppelman

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