Return to Evergreen—Tacoma

Reconnect with fellow alumni, faculty, and students to celebrate and learn what’s new at EvergreenTacoma.  Meet the new dean, Dr. Marcia Arunga, and celebrate the achievements of alumni who “enter to learn, depart to serve.”  Let’s celebrate the strengths of the Tacoma alumni community.​​

Contact us at or call (360) 867-6519 to learn more about Return to Evergreen- Tacoma. We hope your will join us in future events as we celebrate the extraordinary spirit of the EvergreenTacoma alumni community.


Highlights from past Return to Evergreen—Tacoma events:

Return to Evergreen Tacoma Brunch
Return to Evergreen Tacoma Meeting
Return to Evergreen Tacoma Speakers
Return to Evergreen Tacoma Brunch

To see more photos, please visit our Return to Evergreen Facebook page.