Equitable Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Return to Evergreen, Saturday, October 15

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. | Purce Hall 4 

Evergreen’s new Center for Climate Action and Sustainability (CCAS) Director, Anthony Levenda Ph.D., will lead a panel discussion with Evergreen alumni Candace Penn, Mason Rolph, Joel Clement, and Kathleen Saul focusing on climate action and climate justice. From Tribal government to federal government to non-profit organizations, each of our panelists will share how different sectors play a role in helping mitigate climate-change-causing greenhouse gases and, at the same time, prepare for the changes ahead.  Each of the panelists will share insights from their own work, how they keep motivated while doing difficult work, and the value of their Evergreen education in tackling the many challenges that a climate-changed world poses to our communities.     



Anthony Levenda

Facilitator: Anthony Levenda Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Climate Action & Sustainability (CCAS)


Joel Clement

Alumni Speaker: Joel Clement MES '95

Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs 

Candace Penn

Alumni Speaker: Candace Penn '13

Climate Change Ecologist for Squaxin Natural Resource Department

Mason Rolph

Alumni Speaker: Mason Rolph '17

Founder and President of Olympia Community Solar

Kathleen Saul

Alumni Speaker: Kathleen Saul MES '09

Member of the Faculty, Master of Environmental Studies Program 

About Return to Evergreen

Return to Evergreen is the college’s version of homecoming. We gather to honor alumni successes, celebrate alumni impact and the spirit of life-long learning. This event features Evergreen graduates addressing pressing topics and social events to foster community.


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