Return to Evergreen 2021

Return to Evergreen 2021

Thanks for joining us at Return to Evergreen 2021

On Saturday, November 6th, we gathered—virtually—for a celebration of our alumni, the Greener spirit of life-long learning, and Evergreen's 50th anniversary.

During the event we:

  • Heard from the 2021 Joseph Albert Dear Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Cheryl Batalon Fambles '82, Chief Executive Officer for Pacific Mountain Workforce Development.
  • Introduced Evergreen's new leaders, President John Carmichael and Executive Vice President Dr. Dexter Gordon.
  • Enjoyed a dynamic conversation featuring President John Carmichael, Dr. Dexter Gordon and Cheryl Batalon Fambles exploring highlights from Evergreen's fifty-year history and projecting the strengths of our alumni, students, and college into Evergreen's next fifty years. 
  • Learned of the insights of Evergreen’s 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) recipients through on-demand lightning talks.

Event Recording


Relive Return to Evergreen 2021 with the event recording above.

Sunday brunch Tacoma
social hour
KAOS session
Tacoma Alumni
SURF poster session


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About Return to Evergreen

Return to Evergreen is the college’s version of homecoming with an Evergreen twist. This alumni-centric seminar day is designed to cultivate vibrant life-long relationships with Evergreen. Support from campus partners and alumni volunteers allows us to connect Greeners near and far including alumni, students, donors and friends to celebrate the great things our graduates are doing with their Evergreen education.