2018 Sessions

Join us in 2018 for two days of interactive and immersive experiences.

Morning Sessions

  • Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Workshop

    11am – 1pm | LIB 1001

    Learn about the Entrepreneurship at Evergreen program, connect with other entrepreneurial students and alumni, and explore the pathways, challenges, and benefits of creating your own enterprise. You will come away from the workshop with new connections, fresh ideas, and a roadmap to get you started!

    • Scott Morgan ‘09
      Director of Sustainability and Interim Director of Entrepreneurship
    • Dion Gouws
      Member of the Faculty (Business and Economics)
  • Collaborative Song Writing Workshop

    11am – 1pm | Purce Hall 2

    Song writing can be a powerful tool for team building, mentorship and community building. In this interactive workshop, Bobby Williams ‘11 will share song writing techniques that he has successfully incorporated into programming at The Bridge Music Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps Thurston County youth use hip hop music to overcome trauma. Experience some of the ways this Evergreen alumnus uses music and collaborative song writing to help at-risk young people deal with life challenges.

  • Experience First Peoples: Past, Present and Future

    11am – 1pm | Student Equity and Arts Lounge

    Hear from former staff and alumni of the First Peoples Multicultural Advising community in a panel discussion about its origins at Evergreen. Share stories and reflect on important milestones in the program's history through a collaborative art display, meet the new department professional staff and student Scholars, and visit the new Student Equity & Arts Lounge to learn how FPMAS and the new Trans & Queer Center (TQC) are evolving for multicultural and LGBTQ+ students. The session will also include space to honor recently passed community members Kabby Mitchell and Raquel Salinas with photos, stories, and celebration of their work.

  • Going beyond the Classroom: Teacher’s Impact on Their Community

    11am – 1pm | Purce Hall 8

    MiT alumni will discuss the roles they play outside of the classroom and how they stay involved with their communities. They will discuss how they balance their teaching careers with afterschool programs, sports, community participation, volunteering and outreach work.

  • Hands-On Screen Printing Workshop

    11am – 1pm | LAB II 2225

    Get a taste of the expressive art of screen printing. Join Evergreen arts faculty member Emily Adams for a fun, hands-on tour of Evergreen’s Printmaking Studio. Printmaking is all about the creative process, expressive materials, unique tools, and equipment.

    • Emily Adams
      Instruction and Classroom Support Tech,
      Member of the Faculty (Printmaking)
  • Living a Righteous Life in a Secular World

    11am – 1pm | Purce Hall 5

    What does it mean to live a righteous life? Is the quest to be a 'good' person more challenging today than in the past? What are the markers of “righteousness” that might transcend specific religious traditions and how do different models of righteousness fuel conflict? Explore questions about righteousness in the modern context with a scholar of Islam and an Episcopal priest. After brief presentations and a discussion between our facilitators Sarah Eltantawi and Michael Corrigan, you'll have the opportunity to join the conversation.

  • Playing to Learn: Using Game Design to Teach

    11am – 1pm | SEM 2 A2107

    The latest board games are about more than fun. To win, players make creative and critical thinking moves--ideally with the strategic finesse of which most teachers dream. Choose the right game and you’ll confront ever-changing situations and solve game world-shaking problems--all the while engaging in between-player relationships above the board as well as on. Join several members of Evergreen’s enthusiastic gaming community to discover just a bit of the rich history of board games, and several types of learning from gameplay. You’ll also have the chance to play several currently popular games.

    • Joli Sandoz
      Member of the Faculty (Nonfiction Writing, Community Studies, Analog Game Design)
    • Ahniwa Ferrari
      Associate Dean for Library Operations
  • Rock Climbing with The Outdoor Program (TOP)

    11am – 1pm | Meet at the Registration Desk

    You’re going to want to harness yourself in for this session! The Outdoor Program will help you start your day out right by getting your blood pumping on the outdoor rock-climbing wall. Climbers of all skill levels will enjoy this interactive experience. In between climbs you’ll have the chance to check out the Costantino Recreation Center Facilities, where you can further your rock-climbing skills with their indoor bouldering course. No prior climbing skill is needed for this session.

  • Sustainable Living in the Northwest

    11am – 1pm | SEM 2 A3107

    Are you intrigued by alternative building methods, organic farming, renewable resources and other examples of sustainable living? Our session facilitators Tanner Miliren ‘15 and Daniel Chernishke ‘16 are Evergreen alumni who share a passion for building shelters and growing plants and vegetables within a renewable and sustainable living model. Learn about sustainable building and living, followed by a visit to Evergreen’s own aquaponics facility. Take home tips that will help you discover how to incorporate sustainable living practices at home.

  • Telling Evergreen’s Story: Campus Tour and Workshop

    11am – 1pm | Purce Hall 3

    Check out what's new on campus, and then learn how you can use Evergreen images and stories to help build the next generation of Greeners.

  • Weaving Arts and Math

    11am – 1pm | Longhouse 1007B

    When you hear “creativity”, “patterns”, and “symmetry”, do you think of art? Or math? How about both? In this interactive, hands-on session, we invite you to explore some intersections of art and math as we weave together cultural traditions and women’s work by investigating the mathematics of fiber arts.

    • Krishna Chowdary
      Member of the Faculty (Physics and Mathematics)
    • Rachel Hastings
      Member of the Faculty (Mathematics and Linguistics)
    • Vauhn Foster-Grahler
      Member of the Faculty (Mathematics and Social Justice) and Director of the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Center

Afternoon Sessions

  • All the Bricks in the Wall: Politics and Policy at the Southern U.S. Border

    3pm – 5pm | Purce Hall 5

    Since 2015, the idea of a border wall between the United States and Mexico has been a major point of political discussion provoking outrage, support, and skepticism. But what are the actual policy implications of a wall? The U.S./Mexico border has multiple dimensions of policy issues at stake: the region is home to several fragile ecosystems and more than 100 threatened and endangered species; it is home to the Tohono O’odham Nation which straddles the international border with members in both countries; it has a rich shared social and economic history of families and businesses that stretches back for centuries; and it is also the site of the global human tragedy of refugees which has become a flashpoint for political debate. This interactive mini-class, including a seminar, will look at the history and policy implications of the proposed border wall, as well as political debate surrounding it.

  • Evergreen Beach Stroll with The Outdoor Program (TOP)

    3pm – 5pm | Meet at the Registration Desk

    Follow student trail guides from The Outdoor Program through Evergreen’s woods down to its 3,000-foot wide beach where you will have the chance to explore the unspoiled shoreline of the Puget Sound. Be sure to have your cameras ready, as you never know what sort of wildlife might pop-up!

  • Exploring the Arts at the New Longhouse Fiber Arts Studio

    3pm – 5pm | Art Gallery, LIB 2204

    Join Longhouse staff for an exclusive tour of the International Weavers exhibition in the Evergreen Gallery. Then, take a short walk to the Longhouse and participate in a hands-on activity in the new Fiber arts studio as you learn how the new spaces foster vibrant, culturally-interconnected art-making for Indigenous peoples along the Pacific Rim.

  • Hands-On Letterpress Printing Workshop

    3pm – 5pm | LAB II 0233

    Join Evergreen arts faculty Steven Hendricks ‘97 for a fun, hands-on exploration of Evergreen’s comprehensive Letterpress and Book Arts Studio. Learn about the history of letterpress printing as you participate in a hands-on demonstration of this rare, precision-oriented, fine craft.

  • Making Change: Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship

    3pm – 5pm | Purce Hall 2

    Join visionary alumni problem solvers and independent creative artists who have turned their dreams into enterprising realities.

  • Parents and Family Council Fall Meeting

    3pm – 5pm | Purce Hall 8

    Parents and families are important members of our Evergreen community. We want you to be involved in your students’ experience while they attend Evergreen. The Parents and Family Council offers you an opportunity to remain connected with your student.

    At the Parents and Family Council Fall meeting, participants will be encouraged to connect with other Evergreen parents, family members, and college leaders. President Bridges and Trevor Speller, Curriculum Dean, will be on hand to discuss how your student can get the most out of an Evergreen education. We will also discuss participation and engagement opportunities, as well as opportunities to support student success on campus.

    Parent leadership supports programs, services, and opportunities that enrich The Evergreen State College community and deepen student involvement and experiences. This session is recommended for Council participants and for parents and family of current students. We hope to see you there!

  • Teaching Cybersecurity Through Games

    3pm – 5pm | MAC LAB 2610

    Join this interactive workshop and step into the shoes of a hacker. Faculty and students who focus on hacking and cybersecurity will lead you in games using EDURange, a cloud-based interactive security teaching platform. Learn how Evergreen is partnering with the National Science Foundation to build relevant and exciting teaching approaches for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. You’ll also hear from alumni who work in the field about the increasing importance of cybersecurity.

    • Richard Weiss
      Member of the Faculty (Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • Telling Evergreen’s Story to Legislators: Campus Tour and Workshop

    3pm – 5pm | Purce Hall 3

    Check out what's new on campus, and then learn how you can help state legislators make good choices about Evergreen's future.

  • The Changing Landscape of Love, Sex, Marriage and the Life Course

    3pm – 5pm | Purce Hall 4

    Every stage of life has changed and diversified: from conception and infancy to youthful transitions into work and romantic partnerships, to mid-life rearrangements of work, gender relations, and parenting, to the norms and behaviors of elder Americans. Come hear how all the old "rules" about who marries, who cohabits, who divorces, what is "healthy", and how relationships succeed or fail are being rewritten.

  • Women Making Waves

    3pm – 5pm | Recital Hall

    You won’t want to miss this panel discussion Diana Arens, MPA has organized with some of Evergreen’s most influential alumnae. Discover how these amazing women are making waves in government, nonprofits, community activism, music, and the arts. You’ll hear from innovative, driven, creative, collaborative, brilliant, and hilarious women who apply their Evergreen education in service to their communities. See how they’ve influenced their respective fields, and committed to lifelong learning, contributing the best of themselves to our constantly changing world.

    • Diana Arens ’93 MPA ’15,
      Former KAOS Program Director
    • Jennifer Allen ‘97
      CEO Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii; Chief Policy Officer, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands
    • Len Balli
      Program Facilitator, Washington State Historical Society
    • Christine Corey ‘95
      Founder, OlySwing; Olympia Eagles; Performer; former UnCola organizer
    • Audrey Henley
      Executive Director, Olympia Film Society
    • Bridget Irish ‘92
      Performance and Visual Artist; Entertainer; Instructional Technology Specialist, The Evergreen State College
    • Malika Lamont ‘16
      Health Educator/Syringe Exchange Coordinator at Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Department; Opioid Response Program Manager
    • Renata Rollins ‘05
      Olympia City Council; Downtown Ambassador; Partners in Prevention Education; Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH); Founder, Well Wishers; Founder, Outreach Workers League; Founder, Just Housing
    • Shizuno Wynkoop ‘09
      Show organizer/promoter; Performance Artist; Ladyfest Organizer