Schedule for the Day

A day for students and alumni—Saturday, October 24th 2015

8–10 am—Library Lobby

Registration, Coffee Tasting, and Social Hour with Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters

9 am–2 pm—KAOS CAB 103

KAOS Reunion

Hosted by Ruth Brownstein, General Mgr., and Morgan Jaffee, Operations Mgr.

9:15–10:45 am

Morning Exploratory Sessions

Explore the World: Evergreen Adventurers—Sem II C1105

Explore Your Writing Voice: Cultivating Our Voice As Female Writers—Sem II C2107

Explore the Arts: The Changing Arts Landscape—Sem II C1107

Explore Leadership: When it is up to you: How the Reflective Practitioner Drives Change: an MPA Symposium—Sem D1105

Explore Racial Justice: From Promise to Practice: Evergreen Education as a Tool for Advancing Racial Justice—Sem II D1107

Explore the Environment: Communication opportunities and Challenges of Environmental Communication—COM Recital Hall

Explore CCAM: Tour Evergreen’s Center for Creative and Applied Media—Library Lobby

10 am–4:30 pm—CRC Lobby

Registration and Check In for President’s Scholarship Reception and Lunch

11 am–11:45 am—COM Recital Hall

Town Hall: Associated Alumni and Friends of Evergreen

12–2 pm—CRC Main Court

President's Scholarship Reception and Lunch with George Bridges

2–2:15 pm—Amphitheater

Legacy Photo

2:30–4 pm

Afternoon Exploratory Sessions

Explore Problem Solving: Cultivating Creativity for Community Solving Problems—Sem II C1105

Explore Public Health: Health Inequalities: False Choices and True Consequences—Sem II C1107

Explore Social Movements: Activism and Advocacy—Sem II C2105

Explore Connections: Speed Networking For Students—Library Lobby

Explore Research: Evergreen Faculty Take on Mount St. Helens—Sem II D1107

Explore Philanthropy the Goldberg Way: A Biographical Documentary The Fred Effect—COM 326 Screening Room

Explore CCAM: Tour Evergreen’s Center for Creative and Applied Media—Library 1st Floor

4:30–6 pm—CRC Back Bay

Happy Hour Networking and Mixer

Other Events On Campus

The Greener Store 10 am–4 pm—CAB 2nd Floor

The Greenery, The Marketplace, and Einstein Bros. Bagels

Evergreen Gallery Exibition: "Sensations that Announce the Future" 10 am–3 pm—Library 2204

AIDS Quilt 10:30 am–6:15 pm—Library Stairs

Harvest Festival 12–5 pm—Organic Farm

Women's Soccer vs Rocky Mountain College 12 pm—Soccer Field

Men’s Soccer vs Rocky Mountain College 2 pm—Soccer Field

Wireless Internet—free on the Evergreen campus, no password needed

Photography and Video—College photographer will be on campus to take event photos. If you have any questions, please contact an event staff member at Registration.