Serendipity and a Liberal Arts Education

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Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon
SEM II A-3105

Session Description:

Serendipity is about discovering unexpected passions, dealing with things that aren’t written in the catalog, turning down new roads. 

Amid the current debate about the value of a college education, we hear voices casting aspersions on higher education as a bad and unnecessary investment. Others assert that undergraduates should be educated to move seamlessly from academia into the world of work and careers. Still others want undergraduate education heavily skewed toward STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The way many of these people talk, you’d think “Liberal Arts” does not include math (a language, after all) and science. Where does all this leave Evergreen? 

Join Faculty Member Emerita Linda Kahan and Maia Bellon '91 as they reflect on the value of the Evergreen educational model and how it offers room for serendipitous discovery, twisting pathways and sudden turns on the road of life. Plan to share your own memories, and especially those surprises and “a-ha” moments you had at Evergreen and after. 

Facilitator Biographies:

Maia Bellon

Maia Bellon '91:  Director of the Department of Ecology. Previously, she was the Manager for the Washington State Department of Ecology's Water Resources Program. Maia was also an Assistant Attorney General in the Ecology Division of the Attorney General's Office where she provided client advice and litigation support for the Water Resources Program. Maia also serves on the Board of Governors of The Evergreen State College Foundation.

Linda Kahan

Linda Kahan, Member of the Faculty, Emerita: Linda graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in zoology in 1963. She earned a Ph.D in neurobiology at Stanford in 1967. Linda taught at Antioch College in Ohio for three years, then came to Evergreen as a faculty member in 1971. Linda served for three years at the National Science Foundation working as a program manager in the Science Education Directorate. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Grand Canyon River Runners Association, a non-profit organization. Retired in 2001, Linda lives happily in Olympia enjoying reading, knitting, travel and playing with her little dog, Zorro.

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