Searching for Sustainability at Evergreen: Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Return to Evergreen 2013

Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Location:  Sem II A1107

The first hour of this session presents some of the many innovative and fascinating sustainability works currently in progress on campus, including both student-originated and institutional projects. The second hour takes small groups on tours showcasing these sustainability projects--from Residential and Dining to Facilities to the Organic Farm. Bring your all-weather outerwear and get ready to participate in an amazing experience! 

 This session provides a great opportunity to foster connections between alumni and key project leaders for campus-based sustainability projects.

Facilitator Biographies:

Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan MPA '09, Director of Sustainability:  As the Director of Sustainability for The Evergreen State College, Scott coordinates and guides on-campus sustainability efforts as well as institutional collaborations with community-based groups. Scott worked in agriculture and private industry, founded and managed a small non-profit, and spent the past few years immersed in the public sector. This diverse set of perspectives informs his recognition that long-term sustainability will require a dynamic harmony between environmental, social, and economic health.

Nate Bernitz

Nate Bernitz '14: Nate is in his senior year, pursuing a concentration in marine resource affairs.  Nate grew up in Lexington Massachusetts, and for as long as he can remember was deeply passionate about the oceans and their inhabitants. Soon after starting at Evergreen, Nate started his work on shellfish. He realized the ecological, economic, and cultural importance of shellfish here in the Puget Sound region. Nate's work co-coordinating the Shellfish Club and driving the shellfish garden project has propelled him into several professional opportunities prior to graduation. Nate is completing a public affairs internship with Taylor Shellfish with continuing work while also taking a staff position coordinating operations for the South Sound Estuarium. Nate hopes to affect positive change in balancing sustainability and economic development in working waterfronts, aquaculture, and fisheries.  Check out the Shellfish Club on Facebook.

Bobby Coleman

Bobby Coleman MES '13: Bobby recently completed Evergreen's Master of Environmental Studies graduate program.  He is currently working on improving campuswide energy efficiency and implementing conservation projects at The Evergreen State College's Facilities Services department as Resource Conservation Coordinator.

Nicholas Wooten

Nicholas Wooten '14:  Nicholas has been a Co-Coordinator for Developing Ecologically Aware Practices (D.E.A.P.) since 2011. He was also Co-­Coordinator of the Permaculture Design Course offered at Evergreen this year. Nicholas helped lead the Demeter's Garden (student garden at Evergreen) Master Plan for 2011­-12 and is the creator of the Permaculture Pilot Program at Evergreen. He previously worked in conservation, habitat restoration, and disaster relief where he became a first responder and deployed with his team to 4 natural disasters; including major floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Jessica Schilke

Jessica Schilke '14: Jessica Schilke is a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, co-coordinator for Evergreen’s Permaculture student Organization, co-chair of the Aquaponics Association’s Washington Branch, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Jessica has been an educator for more than ten years and has taught more than one thousand people how to swim, trained hundreds of lifeguards, and operated aquatic facilities for the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan. After extensive traveling throughout Asia witnessing extreme poverty and its crushing effect on the human spirit she returned to the United States to pursue an education in Community Development and Sustainable Food Systems.  See Jessica’s Aquaponics Webpage here.

Joe Martino

Joe Martino, Project Manager, RAD Sustainability: Joe has been an on-again, off-again student at Evergreen since 2008, and an employee at RAD since 2010. He joined the Sustainability Crew in 2012, when the aquaponics greenhouse became his responsibility. On October 3, 2013, the aquaponics greenhouse was permitted by Chris Edmark, thus marking the finest academic achievement of Joe's life. Joe has spent time in the offices of people who make decisions on campus, attended statewide meetings of aquaponics enthusiasts and met with industry experts as well as local "green" small business owners. His goal is to bring this experience to other Evergreen students by involving them in hands-on sustainability projects based on housing.

Emily Dunn-Wilder

Emily Dunn-Wilder '15: Emily is pursuing a BA/BS with a focus on agricultural sciences. She is fascinated by food psychology and the public's interactions with the agriculture industry. She is interested in a career in information distribution and sustainable, realistic improvements to our current food systems. Emily is in student coordinator training for the Shellfish Club, with a concentration on community relations and outreach.

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