Return to The Fungal Kingdom

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
SEM II C-2105

Session Description:

This workshop will explore the many ways fungi and fungal symbionts, the lichens, shape and transform our world. We will explore the beauty of fungi, the ecological roles they play, the use of fungi in medicine, their promise in technology, the delights they can present at the dinner table, the toxins and the hallucinogens. You'll be introduced to common lichens of the Pacific Northwest and basic techniques for collecting and identifying lichens in the lab and field. Plus, we'll tour of the Evergreen Herbarium!

Facilitator Biographies:

Michael Beug

Michael Beug (Member of the Faculty): Michael Beug taught chemistry, mycology and organic farming at Evergreen for 32 years. He is active in the North American Mycological Association and the Pacific Northwest Key Council, regularly giving mushroom workshops. His photographs have appeared in over 30 books and articles. Michael, Alan Bessette and Arleen Bessette recently completed the book Ascomycete Fungi of North America (available in 2014). He regularly writes about mushrooms in McIlvainea, The Mycophile, and Fungi Magazine. Michael was winner of the 2006 NAMA Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology and has prepared over two dozen PowerPoint presentations about mushrooms for the NAMA Education Committee.

Dr. Lalita Calabria '02

Dr. Lalita Calabria '02: Dr. Calabria is a botanist and visiting faculty at The Evergreen State College where she teaches a variety of programs focusing on the ecology, taxonomy and chemistry of plants. Her research interests include biodiversity and conservation studies of lichens and mosses in temperate North America and the phytochemical make up of plants. Dr. Calabria credits her passion for study plants to her undergraduate education at Evergreen, where she first fell in love with the moss and lichen covered forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Noelle Machnicki
Noelle Machnicki '02:
Noelle Machnicki's love for fungi began as an undergraduate at Evergreen under the guidance of professors Mike Beug and Paul Przybylowicz. She is currently finishing her PhD at the University of Washington where she studies the ecological and evolutionary interactions between wild chili peppers and fungal fruit and seed pathogens. In the past two years, she has also been a visiting faculty member at Evergreen, co-teaching The Fungal Kingdom with Lalita Calabria in Fall 2011 and Fall-Winter 2012-13.

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