Fun with Haiku

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Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon
SEM II A-2107

Session Description:

We will do a brief overview of the Haiku Masters and gain an understanding of what is required in the Haiku form. Then we will go out on campus and write Haiku. We will come back together as a group and discuss our various poems keeping in mind the structure and rules of Haiku. You will be introduced to the humor in Haiku in the form of Kerouac pops. Writing Haiku is a way of being in the moment and observing your surroundings with awakened senses.

Facilitator Biography:

Kate Crowe

Kate Crowe '80, Member of the Faculty: Kate is a graduate of Evergreen and has been teaching writing at Evergreen for over twenty years. She has taught essay writing, short story writing, novel writing, and various classes on writing poetry. She especially likes to take students off campus during the summer for Poetry Camps. Kate's teaching style is relaxed because she believes learning should always be an enjoyable endeavor.

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