Changing the World through Gaming

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Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm
SEM II D-2109

Session Description:

Experts have noted the positive strengths that video gaming instills in its devotees: urgent optimism, collaboration, strong sense of community, big-picture thinking.  Doesn’t that sound like a Greener in a nutshell?  This session will explore the future of gaming and its potential for positive social change.  We will also take a look behind the curtain at the making of epic stories that translate into blockbuster video games. 

Facilitator Biographies:

Dan Black

Dan Black '91: Dan Black is a Lead Developer Account Manager at Xbox, managing the relationships with game developers for Xbox 360. During his 11 years at Xbox, he’s supported engineering efforts on such video game franchises as “Assassin’s Creed,” “Grand Theft Auto,” and Tom Clancy’s “Splinter Cell.” In his 20th year at Microsoft, he’s worked on everything from Windows 95 to Encarta to Kinect, including producing the music and UI sounds on Windows XP. At Evergreen, Black studied with Peter Randlette. He ran sound for numerous shows at the Washington Center for Performing Arts, including for Chick Corea and B.B. King. In addition to being a drummer, Black holds a bartending license that comes in handy at parties. He lives in Seattle with his amazing wife and two children.

Richard Weiss

Richard Weiss, Member of the Faculty: Richard Weiss has been teaching computer science and mathematics at Evergreen since 2005. He received a BA from Brandeis and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard. He worked as a research professor for 15 years in the computer vision laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has also worked as a Principal Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corp. and Compaq. He is conducting research in cybersecurity, funded by the National Science Foundation. He is also working on educational projects that involve robotics, music, and computer vision. Before coming to Evergreen, Richard taught at Hampshire College, Smith College, and Dartmouth College.

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